5 Perfect Outfits For Summers

The summers are here and you really want to look stylish and chic. But with the humidity and the heat this can be really difficult. But not being fashionable is definitely not the solution here. You need to dress up smartly at all times but not at the cost of the skin! Yes cottons are an all time favorite but they are always understated.

This is not true, even the good old cotton can be spruced up. Here are some different outfit ideas, which are perfect for the warm summer months. They are affordable, occasion appropriate and you can also mix and match them together with other outfits to create a chic look.

Types Of Summer Outfits

Chic Dresses

Who says that you have to stick to sheath dresses all the time, which cling to the body, leaving no room for letting your body breathe. Think different. Opt for maxi dresses in cotton or flowy fabrics like chiffon. These are summer appropriate and let the body breath.

Women’s Chic Modern Dresses

The best part is that they are super comfortable. If you want something more formal then think of lace cotton dresses for the evening, may be knee length or shorter, depending upon the venue or occasion. Halter necks, strapless and even one shoulders work wonders!

Good Old Jean

Now this is one pair that you really cannot get bored with. Cotton jeans are a great way to stay cool and yet look chic during the warm summer months. What you can do is think neon and light colored tones like nudes or even white. Again dress up the jean with a cool metallic belt or keep it simple. You can pair them with formal or casual shirts to create a wow look.


Boho chic is the way to go this summer. Peasant skirts are a rage and look gorgeous on almost all body types. They let your body breath, while being dressy. You should pair them with tank tops or tees or even peasant blouses.

Five Pocket Pencil Skirt

If floor length is unmanageable due to the rains, then you can think of knee length variations or even midi skirts. You can pick from something in natural fabrics like linen or cottons. For the evenings, you can pick something blended with cotton, thanks to air conditioning.

Shorts And Cropped Pants

Who said shorts are too casual. This season, shorts are the new club dressing as girls experiment with shorter lengths. If you are not in shape right now, opt for slightly longer lengths or even capris. Cropped pants, along with capris, shorts, bermudas are a cool pick. Think of printed alternatives instead of plain colors.

Dhoti, Palazzos Or Harem Pants

Take a breather from leggings by choosing palazzos, dhoti or even harem pants. These are loose, comfortable and yet figure flattering. Pair these with shorter tops to create an illusion of a taller you. Accessorize with some cotton scarves or even junk jewelry.

Dhoti, Palazzos Or Harem Pants

Remember to keep the look minimal for the summer months. And chuck those closed shoes for flip flops and open sandals to complete the look!