5 Perfect Make Up Ideas For The First Date

We know why you are here! You are here because you want to know about the makeup ideas for your first date. Now the first date decides everything. What does it decide? A man sees you officially for the first time. He wants to see how you carry yourself in social situations and how you dress up. If you look perfect and behave like a perfect lady, there are high chances he is going to call you back. In this era, looks do matter! The right makeup can change the way your date sees you. Do not panic! We have listed the 5 Perfect Make Up Ideas for the First Date. This list will ease your nerves and you will feel so much better. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Perfect Make Up Ideas For The First Date:

1. Big Lush Eyelashes

Size does matter and we can tell you, men notice the eyes for sure. If you have lush eyelashes, you just need a mascara to make them look bright and thick. If your eyelashes are not as thick, go for the big eyelashes that you get in store. In case you do not want fake eyelashes, apply some translucent looking powder on your eyelashes before putting on the mascara. It is as good as the fake ones!


2. Winged Liner With Nude Glossy Lips

This is a classic look. You do not want to give the wrong signal on the first date and so, you should go for this one. Go for a nude glossy lip shade or you get the gloss  too. For a winged liner look, you would need a felt tip liner. It is easy to use to make a curve on your eyelids. Try it once! Go easy with the eye shadow. Use something which is not too loud. This will make you look desirable and gorgeous.


3. Pink Pop Lip Shade

The Katy Perry look always works for lunch and brunch dates. We find that the pink pop lip shade is so stylish and you will look like a real life Barbie. Just a nice shade of pink pop lipstick on your lips will do the trick. We cannot find fault in this look because you will look superb. As for the eye makeup, you can go for a light shade of pink on your eyelids with pink blush on the apple of your cheeks.


4. Smokey Eye Look

The smokey eyes are a classic. You cannot go wrong with this one. You can have smudged black eyes for the sultry look. In case you do not want it to look over the top, you can use colors like gray and brown to create the smokey eyes look. Start with a combination of cream and dark brown eye shadow and then add burgundy and gray to that. You will get such amazing smokey eyes.


5. The Peach Glow

If you are stepping out for a brunch or lunch date, you should go for a peach glow look. Use a black pencil to highlight your lower and upper lash lines. Apply mascara to make your eyes look bigger and prettier. Now use a peach blush. You could also go for a terracotta color blush on the cheeks. This looks mellow and pretty. He will find you feminine and cute!


We find all the above mentioned looks really happening. You can try them on for your date. Your date will definitely love in any of the makeups that we have listed for you. Make sure you wear the right outfit.