5 Natural Ways To Cure Cold Sore

Ways To Cure Cold Sore Also known in the medical world as Herpes labialis, it is an infection of the lip by a virus. As a consequence, small blisters or sores develop on or around the mouth. These sores are commonly called cold sores or sometimes fever blisters.

By themselves they heal within 2 weeks, but in most cases the virus remains in a dormant stage within the facial nerves so that they may recur close to the original position.

Effective Natural Cure For Cold Sores

Cover It

It has been observed that if you cover the cold sore with petroleum jelly it speeds up the healing process and even helps protect it from any secondary infection but never try to hide a cold sore behind your makeup as most often it aggravates the condition. This is because your makeup comes as a mixture of several chemicals that might make you look beautiful but inflict harm on the sores.

Change Your Toothbrush

Change your toothbrush after the sores has formed and again after they have cleared up. This is because the bristles of the toothbrush give shelter to the virus.


Therefore, when you reuse it when the blisters are cured the same infection recurs. This might seem a trifle but if you do not want to spread it to the other parts of the mouth or prevent its recurrence then keep this in mind.

Chamomile Tea

Often prepared with honey or lemon, the tea here is basically an infusion of the Chamomile leaves. Chamomile is known for several medicinal values. You may apply a chamomile tincture to the cold sore several times each day. Besides the infusion or tea may be taken hot. For better results let the hot liquid linger on the sore.

Chamomile contains a substance called bisabolol, which helps to heal sores on mucous membranes. Besides Melissa oil and lavender oil are other herbal remedies for this complication. Here you only have to apply the oil on the blister and keep it for some time. Even a drop of milk may be very effective.

Cold Compress

If you can feel a cold sore developing then don’t wait to apply an ice pack or cold compress on the infection.

Cold Compress

Not only will this provide some temporary relief but also reduce the time of its healing so that you don’t have to suffer for days with the sore on your lip. A tasty popsicle may also be of help.


Lysine is an amino acid which is also available as an oral supplement or cream. But you may go for the natural source and increase your intake of foods rich in this amino acid like vegetables, soy bean, amaranth, beans, fish, turkey and chicken. Cold sores are one of the most common viral infections.

And because they are viral, they are extremely contagious. So you should remember to avoid kisses or any kind of physical contact with your lips as this may infect your loved one.. Use a separate towel to rinse your face. Besides you have to keep in mind not to touch it yourself as this may spread the disease and increase the infection.