5 Most Beautiful Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Women

Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Women

Women normally look for beauty mixed with grace and poetry in whatever they take for their fashion. A women who likes to have a tattoo on body certainly looks for these qualities. Several tattoos are available in the market which provide beauty as well as grace. But some tattoos are best among these kind of tattoos. A phoenix tattoo is one of such tattoos.

What Is A Phoenix?

A phoenix is a mythical bird that can live for centuries.  After living for several centuries the phoenix generates heat and fire from its own body in which it is annihilated.  Then a new phoenix is born from the ash of the previous one.

The Meaning Of A Phoenix Tattoo

A phoenix definitely means regeneration or rejuvenation. Additionally as this bird with long tail divided in three separate rays is depicted in mythology as having color of rainbow it stands for divine beauty. A women faces many odds in modern society. A phoenix tattoo also represents virtue like fighting and leading a life facing odds. Therefore a phoenix tattoo earns respect for the wearer too.

Places In Body Where A Phoenix Tattoo Is Done

Phoenix tattoo is best suitable for back in a woman’s body. It is also seen in side of the body, inner or outer arm, shoulder, neck and even in legs.

Here Are 5 Most Beautiful Phoenix Tattoos That A Woman Can Wear On Body:

Fiery Red-Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Fiery red-phoenix tattoo designs

Red-yellow or the color of fire is the prime color that is associated with a phoenix. That is why lots of beautiful tattoo designs with rising phoenix in fiery red are available in the market. Women who have an  attractive back can definitely have this tattoo in her back.

One Dimensional Phoenix Tattoo For Side Of The Body

One dimensional phoenix tattoo for side of the body

This kind of phoenix tattoo in rising pose without depth is very popular among women. It is mostly done in side or rib cage of the body. Women who like to have sun bath in beaches earn wows and respect from others for this design.

Phoenix With Flowers Tattoos

Phoenix with flowers tattoos

Women love flowers. Several phoenix tattoo designs include flowers like rose also with the bird. These tattoos are suitable for back as well as side of the body.

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Tribal phoenix tattoo designs

Not all women like big and gorgeous phoenix tattoos on body. For them simple phoenix designed in tribal arts are available in tattoo market. These tattoos have great artistic value and stands for good taste of the wearer.

3d Phoenix Tattoo Designs

3D phoenix tattoo designs

As told earlier phoenix has rainbow color on body. Colorful phoenix bird  with awesome three dimensional depth designs are available in tattoo market. A woman can do a 3D phoenix tattoo in any part of the body. It certainly looks graceful.So if you have decided to wear a phoenix tattoo you can choose from the list given here.