5 MAC Lipsticks You Should Include In Your Makeup Kit

MAC Lipsticks you should include in your makeup kit

Lipsticks are a woman’s best friend. They add all the glitter and glamour to a sober and subtle smile. They give all the confidence that a woman needs at any social party or office meeting. A simple stick can add a lot of panache to an otherwise modest outfit. Always choose those lipsticks that complement your skin tone well. Now, MAC has always been one of the most trusted brands where makeup is concerned. To help you with the best, we give you a list of 5 MAC lipsticks that you should definitely own and include in your makeup box.

Below Are The 5 MAC Lipsticks You Should Include In Your Makeup Kit:

1. Ruby Woo

Everyone who has ever been associated with MAC, would be familiar with the popularity of this shade. Those who don’t know about it, should walk into a store right away and pick up a Ruby Woo immediately. This is the perfect red shade you were looking around forever. It is a retro matte tone which makes it extremely dry. This becomes a bit of a hassle in winters though can be used with a lip primer instead. This is an out and out MAC signature color and makes a bold statement whenever worn and shown off.

Ruby Woo

2. Impassioned

If you have planned a girl’s night out, this is the perfect pick for your date with the gals. It has a satin finish which gives a smooth texture to your lips and saves you from the cracked versions. Impassioned is the right color of fuchsia that gives you all the glitz and glamour required for any party ever. Since it is a bright hue, you can use natural looking makeup along with it. This is a very flirtatious and sultry color for your day and night look. So, wear it and let the lipstick do the talking.


3. Vegas Volt

This shade is the right combination of orange and coral that you were looking about for your summers and day looks. This pop of color is a little neon and hence, looks better on fair to medium skin tones. Hence, you should always try this color on before picking it up from any MAC store. Go with a neutral or peachy makeup appearance that will look good with this shade. This is a powerful tone that has a creamy texture making you look stunning and striking like never before.

Vegas Volt

4. Crosswires

Crosswires is a blessing in disguise. It gives you the right amount of coral that you need and still keeps it delicate as it is not very sparkly and in the eye. This is the shade which you can carry around in your handbag and suit every occasion and time of day. You can apply the shade 2-3 times and build on to darker tones as and how you like the colors on your lips. A perfect shade to bring in the summers in style.


5. Taupe

Taupe is a beautiful brown shade. It is more on the lighter side, close to a nude which makes it a subtle color that suits all skin tones. It is a great pick as it is the perfect hue for a luncheon with friends, a store launch, or a much-awaited presentation at the office. It will surely make an impact because of its elegance and classy nature. It will look very chic with formal wear and semi-formal wear, though you will have to keep reapplying it every few hours.