5 MAC Eye Shadows You Should Include In Your Palette


Eye makeup has always been an integral part of a woman’s makeup kit. It truly brings about a woman’s beauty in the true sense as women often emote through their eyes. Hence, eyes are always under the scanner and wherever you go, the eyes need to be done up well. After the base, the first thing we apply is an Eye shadow. Eye shadows are mostly in powdered form which need to be applied evenly and blended well for a perfect outcome. We give you a list of 5 MAC Eye shadows that will bring out the best in you through your eyes.

Below Are The 5 MAC Eye Shadows You Should Include In Your Palette:

1. Passionate

Pink is the color of every season. Pink is synonymous with women and we all love to wear pink in any form. Passionate is a bright shade of pink that will suit every occasion. It is a matte finish so if you want to underplay it but at the same time make an impact, this should be your first choice. This is a kind of hot pink that will look very vibrant whether in the day or at night. If you want to wear it for long hours, you will need to do a touch up and carry it along with you as it has a tendency to diminish a tad bit. When blended with a deep blue, green or gold, Passionate enhances all the shades and brings about a fantastic combination.


2. Carbon

There are very few women in this era who do not want to get that perfect smokey eyes makeup. This can be seamless if you have Carbon from MAC in your eye shadow palette. Carbon is an intense black shade that can be used for various purposes for your eyes. Like mentioned before, for getting you’re A-game to the forefront with a smokey look, this is an essential shade that you would need. Apart from this, it can also be used for contouring and what better color than black for definition.


3. Expensive Pink

Though the name says pink, Expensive Pink is more of a coral tone with a frost finish texture. It is an amalgamation of coral and gold and hence goes well with day looks as well as night ones. It inherently has a little bit of shimmer, although it’s not too bright, so it’s quite wearable. Expensive Pink can easily become your all-time favorite due to its fundamental warm and nude undertone.

Expensive Pink

4. Woodwinked

Woodwinked is one of the most elegant shades that MAC has produced. It is a tone that combines bronze with shimmer in an antique finish. If you are woman who does not like a lot of color on the eyes and wants to wear it in a classy but versatile style, Woodwinked is your choice. During the day, it can be worn for lunches due to its neutral character and for night-outs, it can be used for a sultry look combined with smoldering Kohl and Carbon Eye Shadow.


5. Amber Lights

Amber Lights will make you look like a golden goddess when applied and blended well. It is an out and out gold shade with a warm undertone. It reflects the shade of copper and hence, is not a very bright gold even though it has a high sheen attached to it. This is the perfect pick for all festivities. Due to its basic nature of uniting with every other color on the palette, this is a definite must-have for every look whether day or night.

Amber Lights