5 Latest Ear Makeup Trend


Women are always on the lookout for what is new and trending in the fashion industry. This time there is something interesting for those who love to experiment with looks and make a bold statement. Yes, the ear makeup is the most happening trend today. So, this latest fashion trend this festive season and rock on.

Below Are The 5 Latest Ear Makeup Trend:

1. Earlobe Painting

Though painting the earlobe with a vibrant and shimmering color has been a trend that came up years ago, the new metallic makeup is the current trend. Paint either the right or left earlobe with a metallic color and dust some glitter over it and hang a dangling earring on the other to make a unique style statement.

Earlobe Painting

2. Painting A Section Of Ears

If you do not like going shimmery with all glittery ears, keep it minimal by dabbing some paint only on a section of the ear or simply outlining the earlobe  with a metallic grey or silver. Wear a small earring or a small hanging to match the outfit. The style will look pretty cool.


3. Nomad Style

This is a cool style you can wear on an outing with your friends. Draw diagonal stripes on the earlobe with pink and blue and hang a colorful long feather earring or a handmade jewelry to complete the look. It will look fun and edgy. You can also add stones between the stripes for some glitter and sparkle.


4. Full On Bling

If you are someone who loves glitter and shine, then you can try this one for a late night party. Coat the earlobe with dull golden eye-shadow and line the outer ear with sparkling golden stones. Add a small earring if you prefer, but make sure the earring is not too big. This would be perfect for a festive look too.


5. Gleaming Gold Ear Lobes

A liquid liner is all that you need to get this trendy ear make up. You can use little or as much as you want to brighten up the look. Paint part of your earlobe with the shiny golden eyeliner. Make sure to choose a long-lasting waterproof version, as it avoids the makeup being rubbed off into the hair. This unexpected beauty style is sweeping the fashion industry. It is a cool way to adorn one’s ears and beautify a look.