5 Intelligent Animal Tattoo Designs For Women


Animal world provides a great source for interesting and beautiful tattoo designs. Fashion conscious modern women like to wear animal tattoos for various reasons. The primary reason is of course beauty. The beauty comes from the shape, body or skin of the animal. Then comes the property or the virtue, the specialty of the animal. Any positive specialty of an animal is reflected in its tattoo.The animal world is vast. That is why animal tattoos are also hundreds and thousands in number. According to experts and biologists mammals are the most intelligent and developed species among animals.

Here Are 5 Animal Tattoo Designs For Women

 Whale tattoos

A whale though lives in sea and has tail and fins but it is not a fish. Whale is a mammal. There are different species of whales living in sea around the globe. A blue whale is the biggest living animal in the world. Among water animals whale tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among women. A woman can do a whale tattoo in places like arms, legs, neck (in small size), side of the body and in back. A whale is an intelligent animal. That is why a whale tattoo stands for graceful beauty, vastness, gentleness and intelligence.


Chimpanzee Tattoo Designs

Though it may seem a bit awkward, but a chimpanzee is the most intelligent animal that is the closest relative of a man. There are beautiful baby chimp tattoos available in the market. Women who have children or like children can have a baby chimp tattoo in back or in shoulder. Apart from this, expressive face of a chimpanzee also can be done in any part of the body. A chimpanzee tattoo stands for gentleness, playful behavior and of course intelligence.


Zebra Tattoos

A zebra is the closest relative of a horse that is living on earth for millions of years. A zebra attracts a woman for its beautiful black stripes on milky white body. Besides zebras are terrific runner and live in herds. A zebra tattoo stands for beauty as well as speed and unity. A zebra tattoo can be done in places like back, shoulder, side of the body and in small size in neck.


Fox Tattoo Dsigns

Fox is a cunning animal that has always been depicted as sly opportunist in children stories. But in some ancient cultures a fox stands for wise behavior and intelligence. Native Americans particularly revered fox. There are many interesting fox tattoos available in the market that have fox head as well as full figure fox. A woman can do a fox tattoo in places like arms, shoulder, side of the body and in back. A fox tattoo stands for intelligence, agility, wise behavior and slim beauty.


Leopard Tattoos

A leopard attracts everybody for it beautiful skin. A leopard when runs to catch a prey looks beautifully elegant. Besides leopard is the fastest animal on earth. Most of the leopard tattoos have leopard skin instead of a leopard. There are full figure leopard or face of leopard also available as well. Back, shoulder and arms are the best places to do a leopard tattoo in the body. A leopard tattoo in the body symbolizes speed, agility, intelligence and feline beauty.


So you are planning for an animal tattoo in the body. You can choose any design from the list given here.