5 Home Remedies To Do Away The Hair Damage

hair damage Has it ever happened that you shied away from hair styling , accessorising or simply from hair products due to fear of hair damage? We all have those days when harsh sun or dry air makes our hair limp and completely out of control. The common indications of damaged hair includes hair loss, dry and brittle hair strands, discoloration and split ends.

There are many commercial chemically infused products which are costly not only costly but also may not suit your hair. So the first step to contain the damage and give your tresses a new lease of life is to resort to home treatments that will not only repair your damaged hair but enliven them in to gorgeous tresses!

Home Remedies For Hair Damage

Mustard Oil And Lemon Mix

Mustard oil is used for deep moistening. In case of damage caused by sun and dust, mustard oil application can bring back the lost lustre to the hair. Warm the oil so that it penetrates through the scalp and hair follicles. Add a few spoons of lemon juice. Lemon juice clears the flakes and dandruff from the scalp.

Mustard Oil For Hair Growth

We all know that dandruff and other accumulations cause hair fall as well as stunted hair growth. Lemon juice deeply cleanses the hair and scalp whereas oil keeps them moist.

Get Steamy

Steam treatment is good for badly damaged hair if done in the right manner. Also, ones in two weeks is good enough in case of extensive damage. Apply any oil that suits you. Heat some water so that it is steaming. Take a cloth and immerse it in the hot water.

Squeeze the water completely and unwrap the cloth so that excess steam escapes. Now wrap this towel on your head for at least 20 Minutes. Note that if you do not apply oil before this treatment it will worsen the damage. The very purpose of this treatment is that the oil should penetrate deep in to the scalp.

Baking Soda

We all have a knack of using various hair products and trying out number of sprays etc. All these products can leave remnants even after thorough washing. Over a period of time these can clog your follicles and cause hair loss and split ends.

baking soda

In such cases, a baking soda wash can bring an end to your problems. Just add two spoons of soda in half a bowl of water until it foams. Apply this solution on the scalp and massage gently for about 10 minutes and wash off.

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Egg And Vinegar Recipe

Eggs are rich source of protein and boost the hair growth whereas Apple cider vinegar will lend them a great shine. Take a half bowl of vinegar and add one egg to it. You can spare egg white if you want. Mix thoroughly and apply on your hair and scalp. Wrap it with a shower cap for half an hour. Wash with your regular shampoo and conditioner. You will find your hair healthier and more beautiful than before. Repeat this treatment ones in a week.

Honey Yoghurt Treat For Hair

Honey and Yoghurt both are great moisturisers. Yoghurt is rich in good bacteria as well as lactic acid that eats the damage away. In a bowl of yoghurt, add two spoons of yoghurt. Apply to your hair and scalp. Cover with a shower cap for an hour. Now wash thoroughly with your shampoo and condition if you want. If the hair is not feeling dry then you can do away with the conditioning.

A bowl of yoghurt

You can also try adding honey to your conditioner and apply it regularly after every hair wash. With these remedies in your arsenal, try styling, colouring your hair and get out for some sun fun without worrying about the hair damage. Leave it to these ingredients and they will take care of them like a baby!