5 Glittery Nail Designs That Will Make You Look Trendy

Looking for some sparkling nail designs that will glam up your style and make you look sexy and sassy? Then you are on the right page. Five cute and up-to-the-minute glitter nail designs are given here. Have a look to get inspired.

Below Are The Trendy Glitter Nail Designs:

1. Yellow Gild

Yellow is the shade of 2016 and it is the color that represents youthfulness and cheer. Yellow glittery nails are the trend because it is sassy and fab. Nails with yellow glittery tips and a floral design below or even an arty design only on the ring finger nail will look fabulous and chic.


2. Pink And Black

Pink and black combination is very popular because it gives a sophisticated look and will catch everyone’s eyes. This combination is forever hot and worshiped by most women, so why not paint the nails with this happening color combination and add some glitter to jazz up the entire look. Paint the nails pink except for the pinky. Apply black nail paint on pinky. Apply a glittery paint on the accent nail and make black polka dots or a small black heart over the pink nails. The design will look playful and lively.


3. White Twinkling Nails

White is a shade that never goes out of fashion. It is the most cherished nail color in all seasons. Especially, when you want to go for glitters, a combination of white and sparkles will look heavenly and very chic. Paint the nail white and add purple or pink glitter over the tips or paint all nails white, apply golden glitters only to accent nail and place just two dots of golden glitter on the nail bed over the white paint. Both these nail designs will make you look super stylish.


4. Blue And Silver

Women love blue because the color looks cool, fresh and casual. When paired with silver, the combination looks so urbane and classy. Try out a glitter French nail design this season by painting your nail tips with blue shade and lining it with a silver glitter. Add a silver bead at the end of the silver lining to glam up the look. You can make subtle arty design using white over the blue paint for an exclusive look.


5. Glittery Green

Green is a fun holiday color that is pleasing to the eyes and makes you feel calm and relaxed. This season add a twist to the regular French manicure by painting the nails with green shade of your preference and painting the moon of the nails with silver glitter instead of the tips. Make triangular pattern and accent glitter nail will add to the interest.