5 Foundation Palettes For Perfect Finish And Flawless Look

5 Foundation Palettes For Perfect Finish And Flawless Look

The hardest thing for women is to find a true match foundation that stays loyal to the skin color. Foundations are makeup’s base. And other than being water proof, durable, non melting and non comedogenic, it is essential for them to suit your undertone too. Instead of investing your time and money in picking different foundations and blending them to get your desired shade, it is better to own a foundation palette. Foundation pallets are of different types and they contain different colour foundations. We bring forth our list of 5 best foundation palettes to help you pick the best palette according to your complexion.

1. e.l.f Foundation Palette

This high quality foundation palette from the house of e.l.f offers four shades suitable for warm as well as cool undertones. Each palette has four unique colours. These foundations are super creamy powders, but are non drying. They hydrate and nourish the skin and makes it smooth. They give a buildable opaque coverage and cover all blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and acne marks. They make the skin’s texture super smooth by reducing pore appearance. They have a hint of shimmer added to them, thus they give a glossy look. They are durable and can last without smudging for 7 hours.

2. Cream Foundation Palette By Sacha Cosmetics

This high quality foundation palette comes in two unique shades. Each palette has 10 different colour foundations. Light-to-medium shade suits women with peachy fair complexion. And medium-to-deep shade complements women with dusky to dark complexion. Each of the 10 colours in a palette are super creamy. They are smudge proof and super hydrating. They are suitable for all skin types because they do not cause acne breakout. These foundations contain natural silica particles. Hence, they deeply reinvent the skin cells alongside hiding the imperfections. They give an opaque coverage with just two strokes. They can also cover dark circles and acne blisters.

3. 9FC Color Cool Foundation Palette By Morphe

This foundation palette by Morphe is suitable for women with cool undertones. Each palette contains 9 creamy colours that offer a sheer opaque coverage. This palette is your best bet to make a shade that truly matches your complexion. The foundations are lightweight and feather soft. They do not feel sticky and are smudge proof. They do not dry the skin. They have deep moisturizing pigments that heal chapped skin while covering freckles, blemishes and scars. They look so natural on the face that they can be worn bare, without applying makeup any further.

4. Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Palette

This amazing foundation palette comes in three shades, one for each undertone: cool, warm and neutral. Each palette contains 5 ultra soft and nourishing creamy foundations that offer high coverage. They keep you photo ready, since they make the skin blemish free and spotless. They are lightweight and they even out the skin’s tone. The enhanced skin texture reduces the appearance of pores. They also cover dark circles, wrinkles, acne marks and redness caused due to acne. They last for more than 8 hours without smudging.

5. Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation 5-in-1 Pro Palette

This amazing foundation palette comes in 6 different shades: light to medium yellow-beige undertone, light to medium pink-beige undertone, medium to peach-beige undertone, medium to deep pink-beige undertone, medium to deep golden olive undertone and deep red undertone. Each palette contains 5 deeply pigmented colours. This multipurpose foundation palatte also works as a concealer, colour corrector and highlighter. It offers perfect contouring as well. Thus it offer 5 benefits. The foundations are super creamy and waterproof. They contain natural extracts of silicon-wax. Thus, they do not irritate the skin. Hence, this palatte is an ideal option for women with sensitive skin as well.

All the above listed 5 foundation palettes are a woman’s best bet to flawless makeup that is long lasting. All these foundation palettes are non allergenic.