5 Foods That Harm Your Delicate Beautiful Skin

5 Foods That Harm Your Delicate Beautiful Skin

Wanting to look charming at every age is a natural desire of every woman. A soft, spotless and alluring young looking skin is no longer just a secret wish. With every passing day, more and more women are becoming selective about what products they should or should not be using for their skin and body. No wonder the market is flooded with a plethora of different products catering to the needs of various skin types, skin tones and so on.

While we are busy choosing the right products for our skin, shouldn’t we also be aware of what are we feeding our body? Shouldn’t we make wiser choices when it comes to food? In a nutshell, what we feed our skin internally is as important as what we feed our skin externally. Choosing the right foods and staying away from the harmful ones has a close connection not only with our looks but also our health. And no matter how many cosmetics and make up we use on our skin, it cannot have that natural radiance and charm if it is not healthy.With much information available on what we should eat to maintain good skin, today, lets go ahead and discover five very popular and loved foods we should unfortunately stay away from or consume in moderation for a healthy skin.

5 Foods That Harm Your Delicate Beautiful Skin:


A quick bite of a potato chip is enough to let us know that it contains huge amounts of salt, sugar and innumerable spicy flavors to make it so irresistible! Excess salt is highly responsible for water retention in the body and skin, which causes puffiness. It adds years to your skin.


So, next time, you are tempted to quickly grab a packet of chips on the go, stop. Prefer healthy snacks like carrots or fruits and your skin will thank you a million.

Sugary Drinks And Sodas:

Considered as the best and healthiest drink to end a breakfast with, and an absolute must for ending a pizza party with, sugary drinks and sodas are actually a big no if you really care for your skin. Sugary drinks and sodas which contain high glycemic index, cause increased insulin levels. Excess sugar causes skin aging and acne. You can try replacing sugary drinks and sodas with cold water flavored with pineapple or lime and fresh fruit.

Sugary drinks and sodas

White Bread:

White bread that was once eaten once a fortnight or maybe less than that is now one of the regular stuff we store in our fridge. However, consuming excess white breads on a regular basis impacts negatively on blood sugar levels causing acne and skin inflammation. Whole grain breads can be considered as an alternative to white breads.

White Bread

Fried Food Items:

Most of us are aware that consuming excess fried food items cause oil build up on the skin, and cause zits and skin inflammation. Another aspect to be considered here is that deep fried items, especially the ones we relish outside our homes, are fried in reused oil multiple times.

Fried food items

Oil when reused and heated above their limit, technically referred as smoke point, can turn toxic. Baked food items combined with veg salad is an excellent alternative to fried foods.

Sugar Coated Breakfast Cereals:

A colorful breakfast cereal packet (meant to be a very healthy alternative to traditional breakfasts) in a supermarket would be the last anyone could think of harmful for health and skin. Cereals coated with extra sugar and salt in them will have similar effects that most other sugary foods have. So, it is necessary that we select breakfast cereals carefully. Healthy breakfast cereals like oats could be wiser choice that chocolate flavored cornflakes!

Sugar coated breakfast cereals