5 Exotic Alcohol Facials To Make Your Skin Glow

5 Exotic Alcohol Facials To Make Your Skin Glow Facials using alcoholic beverages have become extremely popular in a short span of time. The finest spas around the world have included alcoholic facials into their inventory of beauty services. Alcohol facials are a fantastic way to impart a warm glow to the skin. Different alcoholic beverages are used to tone and nourish the skin. In fact, facials which use alcoholic beverages can tighten facial pores instantly. These facials can also give your skin a mini lift.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can ruin your skin completely. On the other hand when alcoholic beverages are applied externally on the skin, it can improve the overall tone and texture of the skin miraculously. Some popular alcoholic facials which can make the skin look absolutely divine are listed below.

How to do Alcohol Facials

The Sparkling Champagne Facial

This is luxury at its best. Champagne is sparkling wine produced from grapes. Champagne is synonymous with luxury and power. But it is only recently that champagne has been associated with beauty.

5 Exotic Alcohol Facials To Make Your Skin Glow

Champagne facials are a wonderful antidote for winkles. The effervescent bubbles in champagne can deep clean facial pores and remove deeply embedded blackheads.

Champagne combined with dark chocolate makes for an excellent facial peel. This absolutely delicious peel can make your skin silky smooth. You can also make an excellent skin firming mask by combining champagne with powdered clay and fresh cream.

The Effervescent Wine Facial

Wine facials are one the latest fads to hit the beauty scene. Exotic wine facials can impart a beautiful glow to the skin by removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation. Wine facials can hydrate the facial skin from deep within.

Women who have dull or pigmented facial skin should definitely try out this facial at least once in their lifetime. A typical wine facial treatment can last for last for an hour.

Full bodied red wine is mixed with a variety of fresh herbs and essential oils. This potent mixture is gently rubbed on the skin. The end result is truly marvelous.

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The Full Bodied Whiskey Facial

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage prepared from fermented grains like barley, rye, wheat and corn. Whiskey is actually very gentle on the facial skin. Whiskey does not dry the facial skin.

5 Exotic Alcohol Facials To Make Your Skin Glow

It also helps to destroy bacterial and germ buildup. Whiskey can also be used to deep clean the skin. Whiskey is typically incorporated with other ingredients for a deep cleansing face mask.

A wonderful egg – whiskey face mask can be prepared by combining one whole egg (egg yolk and egg white) with a quarter cup of powdered milk, juice of half a lemon and one tablespoon of whiskey. Allow this mixture to remain on the face for fifteen minutes before washing it off with luke warm water.

The Frothy Beer Facial

Beer combined with certain other ingredients can make for a deeply moisturizing face pack. The beer face pack will leave your skin squeaky clean and deeply cleansed.

To prepare a moisturizing beer face pack, you need to combine one tablespoon of plain full fat yoghurt with one teaspoon each of olive and almond oil.

Next add one tablespoon of lemon extract, one tablespoon of beer and one egg white. Mix the ingredients well and apply on your face. Wash your face after fifteen minutes.

The Icy Vodka Facial

5 Exotic Alcohol Facials To Make Your Skin Glow

Vodka is an excellent facial skin cleanser. To get smooth, clear and toned facial skin, you can mix two tablespoon of fresh watermelon juice with one tablespoon of vodka and one tablespoon of distilled water. Dip cotton balls into this mixture and apply all over the face and neck. Rinse with cool water after fifteen minutes.