5 Essential Styles For Women With Shoulder Length Dark Hair

There are at least three or four types of natural colors that exist for hair in women. These colors are blonde, dark or brunette, brown or light brown, reddish or fiery red. Now women who have dark hair sometimes hesitate about what kind of style for this hair they should adapt. In addition to this if the woman has hair that is shoulder length medium long then it becomes real problem for her . But there are some simple but essential hairstyles that can make a dark haired woman look gorgeous, beautiful and acceptable in crowd.

Here Are 5 Essential Styles For Women With Shoulder Length Dark Hair:

1. Splendid Bob Style

The first style that a dark shoulder length hair woman can adapt is the bob look. if the woman has dark hair that reaches just the length of shoulder then she can go for this style without any thought. It will make her look splendid.

Splendid bob style

2. Loose Style For Straight Shoulder Length Dark Hair

Some women have shoulder length hair that reaches just a bit below the shoulders. At the same time if they have less or no curves or curls in hair, in a word naturally straight hair then they can let the hair loose over both shoulders.

Loose style for straight shoulder length dark hair

3. Forehead Covered Style

A woman with shoulder length dark hair if has less or no curls in hair can adapt a loose look. But to bring more style or personality in the hairstyle she can cover her forehead entirely with hair. This forehead covered loose hairstyle although simple but looks really awesome.

Forehead covered style

4. Deliberate Messy Look For Curly Dark Hair

If a woman with dark shoulder length hair has too much natural curves or curls in it then she can go for a deliberate messy or bushy look. This kind of style less style sometimes makes a woman looks gorgeous and beautiful.

Deliberate messy look for curly dark hair

5. Cute Ponytail Style

Tying hair into a ponytail is becoming a very popular fashion to modern women. Women who have shoulder length medium long or short length hair can tie their hair into a small ponytail with the help of a garter or clip. The small or cute looking ponytail behind the head can make them look really beautiful.

Cute ponytail style