5 Effective Ways To Treat Painful And Swollen Breasts

breast pain Breast pain or mastalgia is a common complaint among women. The causes of this pain can be cyclic and non-cyclic which means it can be both due to hormonal changes as well as causes that have nothing to do with hormones but injury, etc. instead.

From menstruation and menopause to excessive caffeine intake, the causes of pain in the breasts can vary vastly. The good news for women everywhere is that there are a large number of effective ways to treat the pain. Here are 5 ways through which painful and swollen breasts can be treated effectively:

Effective Ways To Treat Painful And Swollen Breasts

Changes In Diet

Something as small as making a change in diet can do wonders in relieving pain that is experienced by women in their breasts. A low-fat diet is important as reducing the intake of fat by at least 15 per cent is known to help in relieving pain. Increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can have a significant effect on breast pain. Although the changes may be slow to occur, it has been proven that a healthy diet is important in treating painful and swollen breasts. Apart from this, reducing caffeine intake is important as well.

Well-Fitting Bras

This is an important way to avoid breast pain. While it is important to always wear well-fitted bras even when there is no pain, it is just as important to wear them when there is pain.

Well-Fitting Bras

Pain can be alleviated when a bra fits a woman’s body well. A great way to get relief when breasts are especially sensitive and sore is to wear a sports bra.

Hot Or Cold Compresses

Many women find relief from breast pain when they apply a hot or cold compress to their breasts. This helps immensely in alleviating the pain that is experienced. It is also effective in preventing swollen breasts from feeling sore and sensitive.

Limit Intake Of Caffeine

Although there have been no conclusive results in studies to prove this, it is believed that reducing one’s intake of caffeine is effective in reducing painful and swollen breasts. It is not only coffee that should be avoided but also other beverages like tea and aerated drinks. There have been many women who have sworn that they found relief from breast pain when they reduced their intake of caffeine.

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One way to combat painful and swollen breasts is to take medication that helps in treating pain. Pain relieving drugs can be helpful in treating pain. A physician is the best person to recommend a suitable drug. Apart from pain medication, doctors also recommend taking a daily dose of Vitamin E. This can help in reducing breast pain.


There are also natural treatment options for those who want to relieve painful and swollen breasts naturally. They are safer as they do not come with side-effects. It is important to keep in mind that one should still consult their doctor before trying out any treatment to gain relief from painful and swollen breasts, especially if other medications and drugs are being taken at the same time.

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