5 Effective Vegan Foods That Can Actually Reduce Weight

Vegan Foods That Can Actually Reduce Weight

First of all, you need not to go through the torture of starving yourself, or opt for an unhealthy diet, sticking to just liquid consumption in order to look jazzy for the sake of getting a leaner body and toned muscles. And second of all, even if you’re a vegan, you can still easily slip out the extra fat you have by eating some specific foods. The first step to exploring some amazing weight controlling vegan foods begin with understanding that not all vegetarian foods are vegan. While vegetarian foods do include all the foods that come from dairy products, vegan foods strictly limit to fruits, nuts and vegetables, and nothing that comes from even dairy supply. Having known this basic, but only, difference that draws a line between vegetarians and vegans, it’s time to go through our list of 5 vegan foods that will easily help you get over with those extra pounds that had been bothering you.

1. Almonds

Not just showered with the richness of detoxifying vitamins and minerals, almond is also a vegan food that is bulked with pure traces of calcium. The only fat infused in almonds is high density lipid that actually cuts down LDL, the deposited fat, from adipose tissues, reducing weight. Its weight managing triple intensity also owes to the fact that it easily cuts down on the capability of the body to extrude fat from other foods. Also, it adds to the strength of metabolic rate and digestion. In fact, various researches by medical professionals have proved that this vegan food is stronger by 50 percent in reducing weight than any other food item can.[1]


2. Kale

If you’re a vegan who’s just starting to lose weight, kale can be your ideal vegan weight losing companion. The reason being, it can be eaten raw. Thus, it’s not painstaking to consume. You can easily consume kale as an addition to your salads and soup. It’s one of those rare green vegetables that reduce weight without dehydrating the food . Kale slims you down by following a simple secret rule. Instead of forcing you to control hunger, kale reduces the secretion of hunger inducing hormones in the body, and alongside it splashes a large boost of fibres. This increases digestion, cuts down on deposited fat and reduces the intake of extra calories[2].


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3. Oats

Oats are top rated slimming vegan foods, majorly because they have more fibres than fat. Also, their tastiest breakfast recipes are easy to cook. Other than being devoid of much fats, they also regulate metabolism, controlling the conversion food into ATP and energy. In other words, rather than bulking the body with entire energy at once, it conserves that energy for the entire day, and releases its little amounts at different times. This reduces the feeling of hunger and weakness, ensuring that you eat less without compromising on health, thereby slimming you.[3]


4. Guava

Guava is a must mention vegan food that is used as a slimming diet, since it is naturally devoid of cholesterol traces. Rather, it is bundled with fibres that do not bind to adipose tissues. Its pulp reduces bad cholesterol and fat that helps in slimming down accumulated and stubborn belly fat or brown fat, whatever you call it. It suppresses hunger hormone by supplying energy to the body cells in adequate amounts. The stomach stays full and the feeling of hunger reduces substantially, thereby reducing obesity.[4]


Cucumber, blessed with high traces of mineral based water is a filling vegan food that suppresses the formation and secretion of hunger hormone. It channelizes energy too well. Which is why, it slims you down.[5]

The above given 5 vegan foods are healthiest ways to get a slimmer waist and toned body without dieting in a drastic unhealthy way.