5 Easy Steps To Determine Your Skin Type

skin type

You are unsure about what kind of skin type you have and this leads to havoc. Basically you keep buying products for a skin type that you aren’t even sure of. The worst thing is that using the wrong products will only make skin care worse for you. So here are some easy ways to determine your skin type. Once you know that, you will be able to use the right products for improving the same. There are basically 5 common skin types namely dry, oily, combination, sensitive and normal skin.

List Of  5 Easy Steps To Determine Your Skin Type

Step One- Wash Face

First step here would be to wash your face with normal water. You can also try using a regular face wipe here, which is made for normal skin. Splash water well around the face and eyes and massage gently.

wash Face

Step Two- Wait For 60 Minutes

This is the most important step in determining your skin type. What happens during your wait is that the skin returns to its normal texture. Hormones are activated and glands working too. During this wait, don’t sit in the air conditioner or be too close to the heater.

Step Three- Dab Face With Clean Tissue

Use a dry tissue to gently dab your face. The first thing you should do is wipe the nose and forehead. Then move on to the cheeks and other areas. This is vital to get a knack of the skin type you have. Don’t use cloth here. And keep seeing the tissue after every wipe.


Step Four- Determining The Results

If the tissue shows oil and dirt just around nose and forehead, you have combination or t-zone oily skin. If its oily all the way, you have oily skin. If there’s no oil or very little oil, you have normal skin. In case, after wiping the face is red you have sensitive skin. For dry skin, you won’t see any oil at all on the tissue.


Step Five- Know Related Problems

All skin types have some problems like dry skin is flaky, oily skin is acne prone and sensitive skin is prone to both. If you have normal skin then you are lucky. With combination skin, you can use products for both oily and normal skin.