5 DIY Ways To Turn Powdered Foundation Into A Cream

DIY Ways To Turn Powdered Foundation Into A Cream

You may be having a nice powdered foundation that exactly suits your skin,but it gets flaky after some time of wearing it?Does it look unnatural and clearly shows that you are actually wearing that much of a make-up?Or do you have a normal to dry skin and that perfect tone’powdered’foundation makes your skin further dry and damaged?Do you have a sensitive skin that needs extra protection from the sun and the pollutants?Are you just using the powdered foundation because it is easier to find your right skin tone in the powdered product than the liquid foundations.

Or it is now winters and your skin needs extra moisturization so you are tired of using those two three extra layers of make up every day?If in any way you want to shift from a powdered to a liquid foundation and you find it difficult to search in the market,the perfect liquid foundation that perfectly matches your skin type and tone,read this blog further to convert your powdered foundation into a liquid one these winters.Liquid foundations are nowadays gaining more significance over the powdered foundations as they fine in lines,contain anti ageing benefits,create an even skin tone,provide sun protection and hide away your wrinkles.Not to forget their hydrating properties which powdered foundations are unable to provide,liquid foundations are an easy and cost effective step away  from your powdered foundations.

5 DIY Methods To Turn Powdered Foundation Into A Creamy Texture:

Liquid Foundations

The easiest way to make a liquid foundation without creating much mess is to take a powdered foundation that suits the color of your skin and add a creamy base to it.The powdered foundation can be the one you use regularly and buy it from the market,or it can be the one you made at home using tips from my other tutorial with the link.Following are the creamy base you can use to convert your powdered foundation into a smooth creamy texture.

Petroleum Jelly

Some of us always have a doubt in our minds if petroleum jelly is good for our skin or does it harm it.As per my research and experience,petroleum jelly is completely safe on our skin,it just doesn’t penetrate easily like that of our regular moisturizer and stays on our skin and keeps it protected from pollution and any external particles from getting in.

This is why it is great to use some petroleum jelly  in the foundation.It keeps your skin moisturized and hence,soft and smooth.Take some powdered foundation and add only a quarter of petroleum jelly to it.This means you have to use a proportion of 4:1.

Petroleum Jelly


Transparent primer is great for turning anything powdery into liquid.It adds a good consistency to the end product and preserves the color of your foundation.You can also use a white colored primer which will also enhance the color of the foundation you are using.


A face cream or any moisturizer suitable to be used on your face is perfect to be used to give a thick consistency to your powdered foundation.Just make sure that the foundation you are using does not make your skin look too oily.

The most simple and readily available product for turning a powdered foundation into creme is your daily use moisturizer.It will turn your moisturizer into a BB creme that not only hydrates and nourishes your skin but also covers all your spots due due added color and foundation to it.


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Do not use beeswax solely for mixing in your powdered foundation.Use some essential oil,preferably coconut and jojoba oil.Use can also additionally mix some glycerin but it is a little sweet so it works great for dry skin but the sweetened texture is a little bit sticky and tightening.So make sure to use only a few drops of glycerin,if you use it.

The cheapest method is using vegetable oil which works great for some but for me,it smells bad and sometimes becomes a little flow-y and gooey in summers,which is obviously not what we want.Though it adds on a nice shimmer to your face.I prefer Jojoba oil which is a bit expensive.Make sure to also add in the fluid of vitamin e capsule when you use beeswax.


Candle Wax

This may seem a little wierd.But if you don’t have beeswax available,you can use candle wax of candles made of 100% beeswax.If not that,then use floating candles’ wax for the same.Scrape off some candle wax and add in some olive oil to it.

Cut a multivitamin capsule and transfer its fluid/powder to the mixture and heat it on a low flame.Once the wax is all melted and hot,mix well the liquid ingredients and keep stirring till they get all consistently mixed.Then turn off the flame and add the powdered foundation to it.Mix well.

Candle Wax

Lavender Oil

This is specifically to add some flavour,extra nourishment and a nice scent to your foundation.You can also add rosemary or any other essential oil to it to have that rosy fragrance of your liquid foundation.

Treatment with lavender oil