5 DIY Leave-in Conditioner- Quick, Easy And Useful

DIY Leave-in Conditioner

For a complete hair care routine, conditioning your hair is vital. However, one wonders whether it is safe to use so many chemicals on your precious locks. We all know the answer. No, it is not safe to overuse chemicals like shampoos and conditioners, especially when you are experiencing hairfall or other hair problems.

You can make hair conditioners at home to add luster and strength to your hair in addition to repairing the damaged hair follicles. These five recipes are not just easy to make, but also great money saving regimes.

Here Are 5 DIY Leave-in Conditioner- Quick, Easy And Useful:

Your Favorite Conditioner

You can quickly convert your favorite old hair conditioner into a leave-in conditioner. All you need is a spray bottle, warm water and about 2 tablespoons of the conditioner. Put two tablespoons of conditioner in a clean spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Place the lid back on the bottle and shake it good. Your quick leave-in hair conditioner is ready to dazzle throughout the day and keep your smooth, shiny and healthy. Just spray this conditioner on damp hair with more importance to the ends of your hair. Comb through your hair gently using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Go out and have an awesome hair day!

Opt for Right-Conditioner

Organic Conditioner For Dry Hair

You will need raw shea butter and coconut oil (both 2 tablespoons) and 10 to 12 drops of honey. You can also use the oil that best suits you. Mix these ingredients and heat the mixture for about 25 seconds in a microwave. Stir the mixture till it forms a well blended texture. Pour this mixture out in a glass container that is dark in color and freeze it for 10 minutes. Once the mixture hardens, you can store it with your shampoos or in your room to be applied on your hair for that healthy and beautiful look.

Organic conditioner for dry hair

Aloe, The Wonder Ingredient

This leave-in hair conditioning recipe works wonderfully to keep your hair hydrated and bouncy. You will need two tablespoons each of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Alove Vera Gel (natural), coconut milk and tea tree oil. Mix all these ingredients and your 100% organic leave-in conditioner is ready!

Aloe Vera Gel

Lovely Lavender

You will need an empty and clean spray bottle, two to three tablespoons of a natural oil (almond, olive, etc.), two tablespoons of dried buds of Lavender and fresh, distilled water. Heat mildy the almond oil in a microwave for 25 seconds and pour over the Lavender buds in a cup. Keep this cup away for four hours. Take an empty spray bottle and pour the oil mixture in it. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Once the aroma of the Lavender buds is properly infused into the mixture, you can strain most of the buds out. This will prevent clogging of the sprayer for easy use.

Lavender Oil

Say Bye-Bye Dandruff

Nothing can be more wonderful than a leave-in conditioner that also keeps you free of itchiness and dandruff. Just mix a cup of water, half a cup aloe vera juice, one tablespoon each of lime juice and coconut oil, four to five Vitamin E capsules, 20 drops each of Thyme and Tea Tree oils, and half a can of coconut milk. Pour this mixture into an empty spray bottle after mixing it well. Do not forget to shake this mixture before every use.

Eliminating Dandruff