5 DIY Homemade Serum Recipe For Lengthening Eyelashes And Eyebrows


Worried about your thinning eyebrow and sparse eyelashes? You don’t have to spend your money on falsies or expensive chemical stimulators to grow the lashes and thicken the brows. There is a super easy way of stimulating eyebrow and eyelash growth with the help of a simple homemade hair growth serum.Just as your tresses, the hair on your brows and your lashes too need to be moisturized and nourished to help them grow. The homemade hair growth serums provide the essential nutrients that stimulate hair growth. With regular use you can easily get the perfect brow and the long and thick eyelashes you yearned for.

Here Is An Easy Homemade Eyelash And Eyebrow Growth Serum Recipe Worth Trying

How To Make Eyelash And Brow Growth Serum

Things You Will Need

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the basic ingredient in almost every eyelash and brow growth serums. The high concentration of omega-9 fatty acids makes castor oil an excellent moisturizing agent. It easily penetrates the hair follicles and nourishes them, thereby stimulating hair growth.To stimulate growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, you can apply castor oil directly on the lashes and brows or mix it with other moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to accelerate the eyelash and eyebrow growth process.

castor oil

Other Ingredients In The Serum

Moisturizing Oil

To the castor oil based eyelash and brow growth serum recipe you can add any suitable moisturizing oil of your choice such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil or aloe vera gel. Other than the plant oils, you can even add emu oil to your serum recipe.

moisturizing oil

Optional Ingredients

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It is an excellent moisturizing agent and helps in stimulating hair growth. As free radical induced damage to the hair follicles is a common cause of hair loss, adding vitamin E to the serum will help in boosting its effectiveness.

Vitamin E

Essential Oils

Serums enriched with suitable essential oils support faster hair growth. Rosemary essential oil, lemon oil and lavender essential oils are recognized for aiding hair growth. You can add few drops of any of these essential oils in the serum.

essential oil

How To Make

Mix castor oil and another moisturizing oil in equal parts. Break one vitamin E capsule and add the content to the oil mixture. Add five drops of the essential oil. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the serum to your lashes and brows daily.


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