5 DIY Face Creams That Can Reduce Blemishes And Dark Spots

What we wouldn’t give for a face cream that makes our skin soft, supple and visibly brighter! But the ones available in the market could wreck havoc on your skin. Fairness creams, they say, has a lot of chemicals in them and the effect of them on skin can be more disastrous than beneficial. With a few easily available ingredients in the drugstore or market, you can make amazing face creams that can help reduce dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Here Are The 5 DIY Face Creams That Can Reduce Blemishes And Dark Spots:

1. Shea Butter And Aloe Vera Cream


Shea butter
Aloe vera gel
Half a tablespoon of glycerin
Grape seed oil


In a bowl, add 3 tablespoon of Shea butter and half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Shea butter, an active ingredient in any lotion, is an excellent moisturiser while aloe vera gel helps reduce any inflammation such as sun burn. Then add 4 tablespoon of grape seed oil to the mixture. Grape seed oil is great for moisturising and helps in closing the skin pores and get rid of pimples. To this, add one tablespoon of salt. Apply this to your skin after you shower and rinse off after 2 minutes.

Shea butter and aloe vera cream

2. Coconut And Jojoba Oil Cream


Pure essential oils
Alkanet root infused oil
Coconut oil
Jojoba oil


Melt the coconut oil using a double boiler. Add in 60 grams of the jojoba oil and 15 grams of cornstarch. Since too much of oil can break some people out, it’s important to use cornstarch, that will balance the oil out. Now go in and add few drops of alkanet root infused oil and let the mixture sit for a while in room temperature. Once the mixture has cooled down, add in your preferred essential oil. Put the mixture in a blender and whip it up. It should be of a nice, creamy consistency. Transfer to a clean, sterile container and use as and when you want.

Coconut and jojoba oil cream

3. Turmeric And Orange Face Cream


Orange peels
Aloe vera gel
Essential oil


Take a saucepan and pour a cup of filtered water into it. Bring the water to a boil and add fresh orange peels and turmeric sticks. Turmeric is known for its amazing skin brightening properties while orange peels contain natural bleaching agents. Boil this for about 2 minutes till the water reduces to half. Take a small bowl and add in the extract of orange peel and turmeric. To this, add a teaspoon of honey, two teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 5-6 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix well and transfer to a clean container.

Turmeric and orange face cream

4. Vanilla Bean And Lavender Cream


Vanilla bean
Lavender oil
Almond oil
Calendula oil
Vitamin E capsules
Natural beeswax beads


In a bowl, add one and a half tablespoon of bee wax, 3 tablespoon of coconut oil, 6 tablespoon of almond oil, a teaspoon or calendula oil, oil from 2 vitamin E capsules, 8 drops of lavender oil. Lavender oil helps you achieve and even complexion. Vanilla beans, on the other hand, replenish and regenerate your skin. Mix everything together and place the boil on another one with boiling water in it. Allow it to cool under room temperature and add half a pod of vanilla beans and allow the mixture to cool down so the consistency is malleable. Then for the mixture in a blender and blend away. Add 1/3 cup of water to it and you will have a thick, gorgeous lotion that helps immensely in getting rid of spots on the skin.

Vanilla bean and lavender cream

5. Coco Butter And Honey Face Cream


Take 1/2 a cup of coco butter
1/4 cup aloe vera gel
2 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon glycerin oil
15 grams of natural beeswax
3 drops of essential oil
one cup of rose water


Coco butter is an excellent moisturizer while honey opens up pores and helps them unclog while keeping your skin soft and smooth. Aloe vera is a great anti-inflammatory that helps relieve pain, and reduce rashes. Everything taken together will work towards smooth, blemish free skin tone. In a bowl, add aloe vera oil, honey and 1/4 cup rose water and mix well. In another small pot, add beeswax, glycerin, coconut oil and coco butter. Bring water to a gentle boil and place the bowl on it. Pour the melted mixture into a blender and turn it on. To this, slowly add the aloe vera mixture that you had prepared. Once the cream is of a thick consistency, take it off the blender and transfer it to a small container.

Coco butter and honey face cream

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