5 Amazing Yoga Poses For Detoxification


Yoga is the art of well being. It connects our mind with our soul. Yoga gives us positive energy to think, to act and to live a healthy life.

In the hectic world of today yoga has become a necessity in order to keep your mind and body healthy. To keep up with the pace and be updated in this modern day we have almost forgotten to take care of ourselves and indulge more and more nutrient-poor modern day diet. Yoga is the only way which helps your body perform detoxification naturally.

Here Are Some Of The Yoga Poses That Helps In Proper Detoxification.

Forward Bend With Your Legs Wide Open

Make yourself easy and allow your head to fall below your heart and keep your both hand resting on the yoga mat. Its positive impact is proper circulation throughout the body and forward bend of the body squeezes your belly, thereby helping in proper digestion.

Forward Bend

Head Upside Down

Balance your head carefully by placing it upside down so that the heart is above the heart and take at least 5-10 long breath. Positive impacts are it stimulates the digestive organs and the circulatory system and strengthen the musculoskeletal system


Twisted Chair Position

Sit down in a chair position with your hands together near your chest as if praying and twist left side and try to touch the your right elbow. Come back to your original position and twist the other side.
Positive impact is it helps in detoxification by stimulating the digestive organ


Bridge Position

Lie down with your arms on your side and palm down and then try to push your hip up slowly in the air by keeping your thigh and feet at a parallel position. Stay as it is for 20-30 secs and then relax by coming back to your original position.


Shoulder Stand Position

A very delicate yoga position and hence should be taken out most care while performing the yoga. Lie down on your back and try to bring your knees upto your chest and slowly put your legs in the air by supporting your back with your arms and take deep breath and slowly lower down your legs. One has to care proper care by balancing your legs, knee and your back in a proper way. Positive impact is it helps in proper detoxification naturally.