5 Chic Short Hairstyles For A Pretty Round Face

A Pretty Round Face

Today we are here for the pretty round faces which deserve a good hairstyle. Now the trouble is  that girls with a round face think that short hairstyles will not look good on them. Who said so? We think you will rock in a short hairstyle! If you do not believe us, you can take a look at the list we have created for you. Oh yes! We have made a list of 5 Chic Short Hairstyles for a Pretty Round Face. The hairstyles are hand picked for girls with round faces. Since they are picked just for you, you should not worry because they look great on you. Take a look and get inspired!

Here Are The 5 Chic Short Hairstyles For A Pretty Round Face:

1. Edgy Pixie Hairstyle:

The pixie hairstyle is fun and it makes your face look cuter. This hairstyle is ideal for girls having a round face. Most girls feel that having a round face means that short hair will not suit them. It is not true! Some hairstyles will look very chic on you. You can wear glasses with this hairstyle and it will look very stylish. Make sure you get an edgy pixie cut.

Edgy Pixie Hairstyle

2. Short Hair With Long Bangs:

How about short hair with long bangs? We find it very cool and modern. If your work allows you to have such a funky hairstyle, you can go for it. This hairstyle will cover a part of your round face and make it look thinner. You could also go for highlights on your hair to make it look more amazing.

Short Hair With Long Bangs

3. Messy Wavy Hair:

Oh my! This one is a pretty option. You can go for the messy wavy hair as it looks very pretty. It gives a romantic feel to your hair. It is good for work and it does not have to be too short as well. We certainly love this look for pretty round faces. This hairstyle is one of our favorites in this list. Girls who love wearing dresses should go for this one. It totally rocks!

Messy Wavy Hair

4. Braided Bangs:

How about braiding your bangs? Cut your hair short and ask your stylist to give you bangs. The bangs should be a little long. Now make a braid out of the crown of your hair. It looks very rock chick! On a tough work day, you can style your hair like this and look pretty. Girls who are a little tomboy-ish can go for this hairstyle as it looks very grungy and rock n roll.

Braided Bangs

5. Asymmetrical Hairstyle:

Here is another one for you! It is called the asymmetrical hairstyle which looks very stylish and chic. We find many women flaunting this hairstyle these. The asymmetric hairstyle will make your face look balanced and not too round. Also, it goes with most of your outfits. We find many women in the corporate world going for this hairstyle. We think it looks very classy and powerful.

Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Did you like the list? It is a very precise, short and sweet list. You should definitely go for one of these hairstyles as short looks very sexy on round faces. You have so many options! Make sure you are choose the best. It all depends on your style and your personal choice. Go for something that suits your personality and also the kind of work you do. It should also go well with the outfits you wear. Trust us, you will look amazing in a short hairstyle. Get it done and be super stylish.