5 Causes Of Enlarged Uterus


Causes Of Enlarged Uterus Uterus is one of the most important parts of a women’s reproductive system. It is the organ which carries and nourishes the baby for nine months. The usual size of uterus can be compared to a pear. But it is a highly flexible and elastic organ which stretches at least 10 times during the pregnancy to accommodate the growing foetus.

Pregnancy is a normal, happy and healthy reason behind enlargement of uterus, however, if in absence of pregnancy your uterus seems to have increased in size, then you need to consult a gynaecologist as it could be sign of critical medical condition.

The symptoms of enlarged uterus are Bloating in the abdomen coupled with heaviness, pain during intercourse, bleeding between two menstrual cycles and frequent urge to urinate. There are 5 common causes behind enlargement of the uterus that should never be ignored.

Reasons Of Enlarged Uterus In Women


Fibroids are very common and more than 50% women suffer from it. Mostly fibroids are found to be harmless and do not cause any complication. In some cases, their position may be such that they may interfere in the process of conception.

Uterine Fibroids

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The enlargement will usually occur when the fibroids are considerably big in size of around a few centimetres or they are multiple in numbers thereby stretching and weighing down on the uterus.

Thickness In The Uterine lining

The uterus has two linings- one is internal endometrial lining comprising of blood and tissue which sheds every month through menstrual cycle if the woman does not conceive and second is outer lining of muscle. In some women the endometrium wall grows fast and into the outer lining of uterus. This is called adenomyosis.

This condition can be painful and cause heavy bleeding or cramping or both during the regular menstrual cycle. Though the exact causes behind this condition are unknown but doctors believe that organ damage and scarring due to laparoscopic procedure, surgery or caesarean section may have a role.


Uterine cancer leads to formation of malignant tissue like formation in the uterus. This can cause the heaviness and enlargement of uterus. A woman suffering from this condition will also experience intermittent bleeding and brownish vaginal discharge. This type of uterine cancer that is caused by tissue growth in the endometrium is also called Endometrial cancer.

Uterine cancer

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The causes behind the cancer is excessive production of oestrogen especially in post menopausal women. The treatment includes medication as well as surgery and in some advanced stages, removal of the uterus.


Some contraceptives can play a role in bloating and enlarging the uterus. Hormonal birth control pill are known to thicken the walls of uterus. This causes heavy bleeding in the initial months when you begin the use of pills. In case of copper T which requires insertion, you may experience the same issues.

Sometimes their might be an enlargement of abdomen but that may be just the bloating due to water retention in the abdomen and not the enlargement of uterus. However, these symptoms subside in a few months.


Ovarian cysts are sac like formation filled with fluid in a tissue lining. Many women have them in the uterus and like fibroids most of them are benign. The cause of concern begins when cyst may increase in size becoming almost twice its normal size. This situation can lead to issues around fertility and painful menstrual cycles.

How To Treat Ovarian Cysts

You may feel fullness in the lower abdomen due to its presence. A complete Ultrasound and physical examination can clearly reflect the causes behind an enlarged uterus. Accordingly a course of treatment including medicines, surgery or removal may be recommended.

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