5 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss

5 Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss

All of us are familiar with the problem of hair loss in our life. In this problem when you comb your hair you can see most of the hair in your comb. If hair loss is not cured at beginning it can lead to partial alopecia. Hair loss can cause due to various reasons like weak root, lack of vitamins, stress etc. But you have get rid from this problem of hair loss.

Take Sleep For At Least 8 Hours

Mental stress can also lead to hair loss. So to stop the hair fall problem you have to distress yourself. The best way of distress is sleeping. A minimum 8 hours sleep is needed for human body to distress our mind and body. To stop hair losses try to sleep at least 8 hours in a day.

Proper Sleep

Milk Can Stop Hair Loss

Milk is also helpful to get rid from hair loss. Include milk and foods made with milk in your diet to get rid from the problem of hair loss. It can provide nourishment and nutrition to your hair thus results in less hair loss zero hair loss.


Provide Strength To Roots

The major cause of hair loss is weak hair root. When your hair is weak at its root it can fall easily. So try to provide strength at your hair root. Indian Gooseberry  is good for your hair as it provides strength to your hair root. Apply amla hair mask at least twice a week in your scalp which gives strength to your hair and prevents a problem of hair loss. It is a good source of vitamin C which also helps in stopping of hair loss. So a regular consumption of one indian gooseberry per day can solve your problem.

stromg hair

Include Vitamin B In Your Diet

Vitamin B 7 or Biotin and Niacin or B 5 is very much helpful in your hair loss problem. Both the vitamins stop your hair loss; strengthen the root and helps in growth of new hair. So, try to include vitamin B 5 and B 7 rich foods in your daily diet chart to get rid of hair loss.

Vitamin B

Use Hibiscus Hair Care

Hibiscus is also good for your hair which provides strength to your hair and stops hair loss. Use hibiscus hair mask once in a week to get rid from hair loss. A oil massage with hibiscus enriched hair oil will also provide you benefit in hair loss problem.

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