5 Best Pore Minimizing Treatments

Pore Treatments

Where beauty and flawless looks are concerned, women have become more and more conscious in the last few years. They work a lot and try to broaden their horizons about all that they can so to keep the skin healthy and free from problems. Researches show that approximately 8 out of 10 women look out for new ways and solutions to maintain the glow and youthfulness of the face. One of the very rampant skin crises that you might face is that of large, open pores on the face.

This not only makes the skin more prone to the accumulation of oil, dirt and impurities but also adversely affects the overall beauty. Dullness and ugliness are two of the results that you will see as an outcome of open pores. On the other hand skin pores play an important role as a passage for the sweat glands, oil glands and even the follicles of hair.

Until and unless it is catchy to the eye it does not hamper the appearance. If it is, then check out this beauty guide for all the various treatments that will help you minimize them to a level where it is not noticeable. This will also keep acne, excessive sebum production and dullness at bay.

Treatments For Minimizing Enlarged Pores

The below mentioned methods are, however, temporary where shrinking of the pores are concerned-

The Good Quality Creams And Lotions


There is an entire range of creams and lotions in the shop racks which specializes in diminishing the pores. These products also help in keeping the sebum and oil production under control thus reducing the shine and greasiness on the face. Applying these on a regular basis will tighten the pores and prevent dirt accumulation.

Make sure the item you buy is compatible with the skin type you have. If you really suffer from problems of acne and breakouts try lotion based products rather than cream ones. This is one of the easiest ways to reach your goals.

The Benefit Of Microdermabrasion


One of the professional and cosmetic treatments for shrinking the pore size is microdermabrasion. In simple words it leads to deep exfoliation of the skin’s deeper levels. Saner is the device which is used to sweep crystals all over the face.

These crystals are oxidized in nature. The benefit of the treatment is the increase in collagen production that is responsible for the tightening of the skin thus minimizing the pores as well as removing all the dead cells on the skin. Researches show that this treatment might be a little expensive on the pocket but then it is by far the perfect solution to prevent aging.

There are two ways in which you can follow this process. One, it is available for home use all over the market and is manufactured by world famous brands and the other way is through a dermatologist, salons or spa centers.

The Laser Way

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another professional style to minimize the pores for a prolonged period of time. Be assured as laser treatment does not involve any kind of surgeries. This solution is also safe to a great extent. A specialized laser light is used to tighten the pores.

However, there are no special laser treatments for minimizing pores, but if you plan to get it done for removing flaws like acne or wrinkles, then shrinking the pores comes as an additional benefit.

The best part about this treatment is that is helps you with the entire skin crisis that you are facing. Improved collagen production is another advantage that comes with the package.

Sun Tan

Sun Tan

If you are planning to get a sun tan, you should be well informed about the pros and cons as well. It is true that the method of tanning helps in minimizing the size of the pores to a great extent, but on the contrary, as a side effect, the pores become larger after a certain period of time. Also, it is only a temporary way to get through your aims.

The Method Of Exfoliation


A simple treatment that can be followed at home is through the use of a good quality exfoliator. Make sure you follow this process at least once in a week to get desired outcomes. Not only does it clean away the dead skin layer on the face it also renews the skin.

This in turn results in fading the enlarged pores and bringing them to the normal size. You can use the natural product baking soda to exfoliate as well.

5 Best Pore Minimizing Treatments