5 Best Papaya Facial Kits Available In India


Papaya is a blessing to all those female who love their beauty. If you are really concerned about having a flawless skin then you can eat papaya and also apply mashed papaya on your face. With improvement in technology, things have become better and hence, we are having readily available facial kits. If you feel that nature can do justice to your skin then explore the benefits with the help of papaya facial kit. There are plenty of papaya facial kits available in India and few of the kits are very popular because of the results that it has delivered in the past.

Use The Renowned Papaya Facial Kits So That You Can Derive The Best Possible Benefits.

Banjara’s Papaya Facial kit

Banjara is one brand which is known for implementing Ayurvedic concepts for beauty treatments. This facial kit will clear all the toxins which are present beneath the skin and hence, you will be able to see a vibrant glow on your face. This kit is designed for males and females and hence, your whole family can use this facial kit. This facial kit contains fruit acids and fruit extracts and hence, this will rejuvenate and help you to get rid of pimples, black heads, white heads and also scars. It has a very mild fragrance but the fragrance is strong enough to relieve your stress and at the same time, it will stimulate your senses to make you feel fresh.


Nature Essence’s Papaya Facial Kit

This kit will help you to get back the glow that you have lost to pollution and hot sun. This papaya facial kit contains papaya milk cleanser, exfoliating cream that acts as a scrubber, anti-blemish cream and de-pigmentation pack. The cleansing milk will help you to remove all the dead cells which are present on the surface of the skin. After the usage of exfoliating cream, you will be able to difference in your skin tone. The anti-blemish will help you to get rid of the acne marks and scars on the face. Finally, the de-pigmentation pack will help you to get a glow on your skin. The glow will stay on your face for at least a week.


Oxyglow Papaya Facial Kit

Oxyglow is one of the most trustworthy brands that have been used for quite some time now. This facial pack contains cleanser, scrub, massage cream, mask, fairness lotion and skin serum. Fruit enzyme fruit cleanser will help you to get rid of the skin cells on the face and hence, you will feel light and clean. The papaya and honey scrub will help you to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. The massage cream is not present in most of the facial kits and this facial kit will help you to get a smooth and nourished skin. Fruit enzyme mask will enter the pores of your skin and will help you to get rid of all the dirt. Fairness lotion will enhance the skin tone and finally, you can use skin serum to get the facial glow.


Vlcc Papaya Facial Kit

VLCC as a brand is known for the natural products that they offer to its customers. VLCC facial kit is very popular as this is one of the most used facial kits. This is one the simple kits to use as the number of sachets is less as compared to that of other facial kits. This facial kit contains papaya face scrub, cucumber gel, cream to massage and an anti-tan face pack which contains orange extract and green apple lotion. It contains plenty of things and hence, you will be able to derive a lot of benefits. You will be able to enjoy the glow due to papaya, fair skin due to orange extracts, cooling effect due to cucumber gel and reduction of pimples due to green apple.


Clear Face Papaya Facial Kit

Clear face papaya facial kit is relatively new in the market but many customers are happy with the results. Clear face papaya facial kit involves five steps so that you can get rid of blemishes and dry patches. This contains massage cream, cleanser, scrub, massage gel and face pack. You will be able to see visibly clear skin after the usage of this facial kit. On continuous usage of this facial kit, you will be able to see a reduction in the freckles. This is very cost effective as compared to that of other papaya facial kits available in the market.


Look for papaya facial kits that have delivered results to people so that you can be rest assured about the results. All papaya facial kits will not deliver results so it is very important to understand your skin type and choose one accordingly.