5 Best Nivea Lip Balms For Soft Lips

Best Nivea Lip Balms For Soft Lips

Nivea is one of the most reliable brands in the world. They have a huge customer base and the products are of very good quality and are affordable. They have wide range of skin care, bath care, lip care and hair care products. The most innovative among these are the lip care products which are very successful in the markets. Nivea has more than 15 types of lip care products for both men and women. So here is a small list of Nivea lip care products you can try to make your lips beautiful.

1. Nivea Essential Lip Care Balm

Nivea essential care is a basic version in lip balms used for all types of needs. It helps to repair, moisturise and smoothen your lips. Its 3 in 1 action is most liked by the customers. This product are very inexpensive and most sold in the markets. The main ingredients present in this lip balm are Jojoba Oil and natural Shea Butter, which help in moisturising your lips. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for all kinds of lips.

Nivea Essential Lip Care Balm

2. Nivea Soft Rose

With a light pink sheen and good aroma, Nivea rose has been a favorite choice for most of the girls. The top most area is a bit curvy so that you can apply easily. The fragrance is not too sharp and it is suitable to all lip types.The lip bal has  a translucent moisturising core in the middle and the coloured part surrounding them. This will be helpful in minimising the amount of colour in your lips. The best pick would be Nivea care and colour rose.

Nivea Soft Rose

3. Nivea Strawberry Shine

we all love fruity aromas, maybe keeping this in mind Nivea launched a wide range of fruity aroma lip balms for your beautiful lips. The various flavoured care lip balms are blackberry, peach, watermelon, cherry strawberry and pink guava. The best ones worth discussing are strawberry shine and pink guava. And the top most products is Strawberry shine.  Strawberry shine has a fruity flavour of strawberries and gives a glossy look to your skin. Its long lasting moisturising formula helps to get soft and smooth lips.pink Guava is also the other most popular pick for its fruity odour.

4. Nivea Care & Colour Ruby Red

For everyday essentials and nourishment Nivea daily care products are the best. Nivea care &colour ruby red is a combination of subtle red and ruby red colour to bring out the best is Nivea ruby red lip balm. The skin on lips is quite sensitive and it gets dried easily. So you need to use a long lasting moisturiser for your lips. This product serves the best in all the aspects.

5. Nivea Soothe And Protect Lip Balm

This product contains Bisabolol and Wheat Germ Oil which are natural ingredients. They help in healing chapped lips, sunburns and dried lips. This is the best lip balm that can be used for daily purposes. It also helps in moisturising dried lips and also contains spf 15. The added advantage is it is very less sticky and has very mild fragrance.

There are few other lip balms from Nivea, like instant relief and repair and Nivea fruit lip care which are also very good in the market. The Nivea lip care products come in two forms, tube type and stick type. Nivea essential lip care and Nivea fruit lip care come in tube form and all other products are stick types. You can enjoy the suitable one based on your requirements. so why waste time!!! Hit the store nearest you and make your lips shine.