5 Best Natural Cures For Under Active Thyroid

Under Active Thyroid The thyroid gland is situated in the front of our neck and just below the larynx. This gland is one of the most important glands of our body as it releases hormones that control our metabolism which provides energy for our body.

But sometimes there is an abnormal secretion of hormones. When the hormone secretion crosses the normal level, the condition is called hyperthyroidism. In the same way when the secretion is below its normal amount, then it is called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is also called under active thyroid.

Top Tips To Cure Under Active Thyroid

Sufficient Iodine In The Diet

Did you know that the most common cause behind hypothyroidism or under active thyroid is the deficiency of iodine – an element that is found in abundance in our daily diet in the common salt? Besides it can also be caused by a lack of the gland or even from as simple a cause as excessive stress.

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Over the years, this condition has become more common and a 2011 survey has revealed that about 8% of women over 50 and men over 65 in the UK suffer from this ailment.

Include Sufficient Fat In Your Diet

The easiest way to prevent hypothyroidism is to get some fat in your body. Insufficient supply of fat and cholesterol is one of the important factors of this hormonal abnormality. So in your diet chart remember to include some natural fats like avocados, fish, olive oil, ghee, butter, cheese etc.

The Natural Miners And Micro Nutrient Supplements

At the same time absence or lesser presence of some micronutrients and vitamins can also exasperate this disease.


Therefore you should take the right amount of vitamin A (the yolk part of egg), vit D, vit B, omega 3 (abundant in sea fishes), iodine (present in natural salt) etc. Another way to get rid of this disease is to avoid caffeine, sugar and flour because our body treats these as sugar.

Increase Protein Intake

Besides if you increase your protein intake that will obviously help to fight with this disease as protein supplies the hormone to all tissues of the body. So good news! Take more fish, egg, and chicken (but avoid red meat).

De Stress Yourself

The function of thyroid gland depends on stress factor of your body. So stress relaxation may be another enjoyable way to forbid this hormonal imbalance. Therefore meditation on regular basis, listening to music, and proper exercise can regulate the hormonal balance of your system. The most effective way to de stress you would be through Yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Researches have shown amazing changes in people who do meditation and yoga regularly.

Tips To Thicken Hair Follicles

 Although the early symptoms of under active thyroid is very common, its later manifestations can be as severe as goiter, hoarseness of your voice, impaired memory, hair loss, anemia, shortness of breath, irritability and frequent mood swings and infertility in both men and women. For treatment you can always go to the doctor and take expensive medications. But there is no need to worry for here you already have 5 best natural cures to escape from under active thyroid.

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