5 Best Lip Colours To Flaunt Dark Skin

Dark complexions look amazing with appropriate makeup. Choosing the right shades of colour for your complexions is a tricky task. If your complexion is pale you should stick to certain shades and tones to flatter your skin, which may differ variably from the ones that are best for dark skins.

Often it is seen that women with dark complexions keep themselves off bright shades like pink and oranges in the fear of appearing clownish. However, it is a misconception as there are some pinks and oranges that can look flattering even on dark complexion. Here is a compilation of 5 gorgeous lip colours suitable for dark complexion:

Lip Colours To Flaunt Dark Skin

Cover Girl Queen Vibrant Hues Colour Lipstick in Cherrylicious

This amazing hue in dark cherry red can flatter any complexion from wheatish medium to ebony dark. The creamy texture glides smoothly on the lips to give a bright and beautiful makeup.

Covergirl Queen Vibrant Hues Colour Lipstick in Cherrylicious

The rich hue delivers an elegant yet smouldering look making a statement with your sexy pouts. Dark skin tone is flattered and illuminated with this elegant look. Not only it enlivens the look, it also hydrates and conditions the lips with its Vitamin A and E contents.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Coral Packed

The beautiful colour is a shade mixed with tangerine brightness and red classic. The colour instantly bursts into a rich hydrated feel all over the lips. It is smooth and hydrating for the lips and gives an amazing sheen of colour that enlightens the whole makeup.

Medium and darker skin tones are immediately revived and you become the centre of attraction. Gone are days when you used to think that corals are only for fair girls. This is your answer to the world that not so fair girls can look sexy in coral.

Make Up Forever Satin Bright Orange

This satiny textured cream lipstick perks up your look with immediate effect. Dark complexion is automatically lighted up. Anybody searching for a statement lipstick look can be satisfied with this colour. It is the source of ultimate glamour and red-carpet shine.

Make Up Forever Satin Bright Orange

A creamy texture provides long hours of moisturization without wearing off or bleeding. Dehydrated and chapped lips are healed and taken care of till the makeup is on. Brighten your days this Spring with this heavenly orange hue and be cheerful.

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MAC Girl About Town

This lipstick is pink at its best. If hot fuchsia colours attract you and you are apprehensive to wear it in the fear of what if it does not suit your dark skin, this is your answer. This is a colour that will suit literally every complexion.

A bright hot pink with an effortless cream texture that smoothly glides on your lips and softens them for an ultimate sexy look. Luscious and brighter lips are gained and you become the talk of the town. It stays for hours on your lips without fading. Whether you want to go for a Barbie doll look, or a classic evening look, this just fits in for all occasions.

Clinique Almost in Black Honey

This colour is the ultimate classic darkest of dark shade for your lips. This cult classic colour that has been in vogue for the last 40 years have beautified many women around the world be it old or young.

Clinique Almost in Black Honey

The classic sheer berry colour can flatter every shade and the intensity of the colour can be adjusted according to your desire. The moisturizing formula conditions the lips like a lip balm while giving a beautiful sheer hue.