5 Best Lip Colors To Flaunt Dark Skin

Lip Colors To Flaunt Dark Skin

A good lipstick that suits your­ complexion and skin tone is one of the greatest cosmetic tools in a woman’s kitty. Even when you have no makeup on your face, a bright lipstick shade can add a touch of beauty and allure to your face with ease. Choosing a lip color that suits dark skin is not very difficult. The key to finding the best lip colors to flaunt dark skin is simple.

The lipstick of your choice should be a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips. Some nude colors like light corals and peaches can look dull on dark skin. Here are four best lip colors that can accentuate your beautiful lips, making them look fuller and much more appealing.

Lip Colors For Dark Skin Makeup

1. Look Glamorous With Red Lips

Whether you are dark or extremely fair and pale, red lips are for everyone. The color instantly brightens your face. Unfortunately many women believe that red does not suit them especially darker skinned women. The key to choosing the perfect red lipstick is looking for the undertones of the lip color. While red lipstick with blue undertones is perfect for lighter skin tones, the best red lipstick for dark skinned women are deep reds, maroons or those with brown and orange undertones. The brown undertones in the lipstick look very flattering on dark skin. If you are scared of deep red lipstick then choose red lip glosses that are much easier to wear and look quite chic as well.

2. Choose Plum Colors

Deep ruby and plum colored lipsticks and lip glosses look spectacular on dark skin. This color is especially suited for night outs and parties. If you want to tone down the color or make it more wearable during daytime then apply a lip gloss over it or use a plum lipstick that has slight pink undertones.

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3. Pink Lip Colors For Dark Skin

One of the best nudes for dark skin are dusty pink or brownish pink lipsticks. These are some of the best choices for everyday lip color. This color is very flattering on medium and warm skin tones. It blends in with the natural lip color and complements the complexion well. This does not mean that you have to choose brownish pinks every time. Bright pinks or those with slight red undertones look amazing on dark skin as well.

4. Brown And Chocolate Colors

Although light brown can look extremely dull on warm skinned women, deep brown, caramel and chocolate colored lipstick shades can make your face look extremely sophisticated and beautiful. If you are opting for brown lipsticks then make sure that they are a shade darker than your natural lip color otherwise it can end up looking extremely dull.

5. Orange Lip Color

Orange with warm undertones looks fabulous on warm skin tone. Orange lipstick is a great way to wear bright lip color and is the perfect color for parties. To test which color suits your skin tone, try it on your lips at the store. If you cannot do so then just hold the lipstick next to your lips and check it in the mirror to see if the color suits you. Experiment with various colors and then choose the one which appeals to you the most.