5 Best Hair Care Remedies At Home


Due to pollution and various environmental changes our hair is facing problems everyday. As a result we face problems like weak hair, hair fall, split ends, rough hair etc. But how to get rid of these problems? We need to use hair care remedies from home. Home remedies for hair care is very much effective as they are made with pure ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals.

List Of 5 Best Hair Care Remedies At Home

Home Remedy For Shining And Black Hair With Hibiscus

Hibiscus is very much beneficial for your hair to keep it shiny and black. Try this effective home remedy with hibiscus. Collect few hibiscuses leaves fresh from your garden. Now make a fine paste from this hibiscus leaves;do not add water with this paste. Now take another big bowl and pour half bowl of sour curd in this bowl. Mix the previously prepared hibiscus paste with the curd. Apply this mixture to the scalp and roots of your hair. Leave this hair mask for 1 hour and then wash your hair with Luke warm water. Wash your hair thoroughly thus there should be no particles of the pack. Apply pure coconut oil in your hair when it get dry and stay for overnight. On the next day wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply this home remedy once in a week for black and shining hair.


Get Dandruff Free Hair With Fenugreek

Do you have dandruff problem in your hair? Try this old home remedy to get rid from dandruff and get naturally beautiful hair. Take handful of fenugreek seeds or take it according to length of your hair and soak it overnight. In the next day morning grind these soaked fenugreek seeds and handful of fresh hibiscus leaves in a grinder. Now add this paste with along homemade buttermilk. Check the consistency so that you can apply it easily on your hair. Apply this home made dandruff removing mask to your scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash carefully with normal water so that it goes from your hair completely. Use this home remedy for your hair to get dandruff-free scalp and hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

Dry Hair And Split End Home Remedy

Avocado is excellent home remedy for dry hair problems. This fruit is rich in its nutrient content, so it used for various skin and hair problems. Take one or two Avocado according to the length of your hair and take the flesh out of it. Now add pure coconut oil with this Avocado pulp and mix well. Then add one or two eggs with this mixture and beat well to make a paste. Apply this home made hair mask on the scalp and all over your hair. Avocado & egg hair mask is great for managing your dry hair and ideal for removing split ends. It is also good for stimulating hair growth naturally.


Hair Fall Home Remedy With Indian Gooseberry

Now a day we are facing the problem of hair fall which caused by weak hair problem. Our hair gets weak at the root due to various reasons like illness, malnutrition, pollution etc. To get rid from hair fall we often use various products available in market whereas home remedy for hair fall gives you a better solution. Take fresh hibiscus leaves proportionate to your hair and amla or Indian gooseberry powder of equal amount. This powder is easily available in market.


If you want you may use a fresh one for your hair mask. For this you have to remove the seeds of Indian goose berry and then make a fine paste of amla and hibiscus leaves with the help of a grinder. If you are using amla powder then make paste of hibiscus leaves and then mix it with the powder; if needed add little water to get the proper consistency. Apply this hair mask to your hair roots and leave it for one hour. This excellent home remedy controls hair fall problem and also stimulates hair growth. Try this proven home remedy and see the result in one month.

Hair Conditioning Home Remedy

Due to pollution in the air our hair gets brittle and rough day by day. When your hair gets dry it looses its
natural shine and looks dull. Dry hair easily looses its moisture and gets so dry which looks very bad. So, a regular deep conditioning is must for you if you have a dry hair. Try this home made conditioning hair mask. Take 2 eggs and equal amount of extra virgin Olive oil to make this conditioning hair pack. Beat this mixture very well and then apply on your scalp and hair thoroughly. Leave the mask for half an hour. Then wash your hair mask with plain water.