5 Best Eyebrow Powder Available In Market

No one has the perfect face, there are something always missing, but now we can hide any things, we all have the eyebrows, but some of the fuller eyebrows, some have the thin eyebrows, some has less eyebrows, but these plays an important role in the makeup, so to make the eyebrows attractive, we need to apply the eyebrow powders on it, this powder will shape to the eyebrows, here is list of the eyebrow powder, that are available in the market.

1. VOVOV 2 Color Eyebrow Powder Color Eyebrow Powder

VOV 2 color eyebrow powder is sweat proof, long lasting and soft eyebrow power that comes with its unique combination of wax as well as powder formula that are nor super dry nor too sticky. This eyebrow powder available in two different shade with affordable price that suit medium to dark undertone skin people. The packaging of this eyebrow powder are so stylish as it comes in glossy pink color plastic pallet with mirror attached it it and nice angled brush. This double color of this eyebrow powder helps in grooming and volumazing your eyebrow by giving proper and perfect shape.

VOVOV 2 Color Eyebrow Powder Color Eyebrow Powder

2. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

NYX eyebrow cake powder is highly pigmented eyebrow powder that available in 6 different shades in market. This eyebrow especially designed with its unique combination of wax and powder formula that helps in achieving drama and stylish look, also give a proper shape to your eyebrow with natural pigmented color. This eyebrow  powder come in black plastic case with transparent cap and brush and the texture of this eyebrow powder is very soft and fine. The long lasting powder of this powder is up-to 4 hour with smudging.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

3. Maybelline Ultra Brow Powder

Maybelline ultra brow powder is ultra soft and blended powder that helps in enhancing the texture and color of your eye brow instantly. The  packaging of this brow powder so luxurious as it comes in blue plastic case with transparent cap and brush applicator that define your brow perfectly. The staying powder of this eyebrow powder is 4 to 5 hour that does not fades away easily with a sweat. This brow powder suit and safe to all skin type people as it does not have any harsh chemical in it.

Maybelline Ultra Brow Powder

4. Billion Dollars Brow Powder

Billion Dollars Brow Powder is natural shimmery soft brow powder that comes with lightweight formula and helps in thickening your eyebrow instantly and complete your brow look with natural finish along with nice sheen of color. This eyebrow powder available in four brilliant color such as blonde, light brown, taupe and raven, that glides easily on your eyebrow to gives sharp and fuller look to your brow. It comes in white color paper box and the eyebrow powder inside the box are in grey color plastic round case along with attached brow brush.

Billion Dollars Brow Powder

5. Hyper Color Brow And Hair Powder

Hyper color brow powder is a very pigmented temporary colored brow powder that is available in market in 5 different shades. This colored brow powder comes in black colored plastic small pot with transparent lid that show the color of brow powder and the consistency of this powder is creamy because it is a pressed powder that are spilling or smudging easily, as all you need to do just apply little foundation on your brows then with help of eyeliner brush. apply this powder onto your set eyebrow and apply little hairspray on your your brow with finger to set the brow powder.