5 Best Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

It is official- even the prettiest face looks horrendous in double chin. Why else do you think that a talent individual like Adele draws flak despite her beauty? Why else would people make relentless efforts to conceal it? Women try their best by wearing scarf and over-the-neck tees. Men maintain dense stubble to blanket the hideous appearance given by double chin.

Without going into the complex lexicon, double chin can be defined as saggy roll of flesh under the chin. The most commonly held belief is that of double chin being developed only because of obesity, a fact that seems only partially true. Even fit people fall prey to it because of eating disorder; lifestyles and incorrect body posture including the tendency look below too often. Cosmetic surgery is the last resort meant only for those who are in the extremes. There are actually some exercises that can improve the condition better thereby reducing the double chin significantly.

Practice These 5 Best Exercises To Reduce Double Chin:

1. Kissing The Ceiling

The exercise is one of the best known and most advised for reducing double chin. Start the exercise by tilting your head backward so you can see the ceiling. In this position, consider yourself kissing the ceiling and let the lips form kissing pose. Extend your lips far away from the face as possible. At this point the pressure on the neck and chin should grow as to create pressure on them. Next, return to relaxing lips and bringing the neck in normal position. Ideally, you should two sets of 15 each.

Kissing the ceiling

2. The “O” Tongue Press

In this exercise you need to face the ceiling by tilting backwards. Now shut the lips real tight. Then try to open the mouth only as much so the mouth forms an “O” shape. Try to hold this position for twenty seconds. Not only is the double chin is worked on this exercise, it also helps in giving definition to jawline.

The “O” tongue press

3. Neck Stretch

An exercise meant for reducing double chin, side neck stretch helps you to ease the tension around the neck region as well. Rest a hand on the floor and wrap the other one over the top of your hear. The wrapped arm’s palm should rest on the opposite. Slowly and carefully bend your head toward the shoulder of the wrapped arm to the extent that stretch is felt in the chin and jaw. Repeat the exercise in each direction for five to ten times.

Neck stretch

4. Platysma Exercise

Platysma is basically the name of the big muscle for which this exercise is done. Practicing platysma exercise improves double chin condition and also works on the flab accumulated in the throat region. Here is how it is done; stand or be seated with erect spine and pull the lips against your teeth close as possible. While pulling the lips, bend the corner of the mouth downward. Now, open the mouth slightly so the jaw muscle is activated and worked on. Keep wiggling the jaw for about 10 times.

Platysma exercise

5. Head Lift

Lie on the bed in supine position and keep the head at the corner of the bed so it hangs below in relaxed position. Contract the muscles of your neck’s front so you can lift and curl your head to reach out your chest. Keep the shoulders and hold the position for 10 seconds. The obvious pressure exertion on the roll of flesh under the chin is what you aim.

Head lift