5 Best Exercises To Lift Breasts Naturally


Every women in this very planet wants to look sensuous and beautiful. But unfortunately, not all are born with beautiful features in them. Every women have some problem or the other when it comes to the matter of beauty. We have seen many women who does not find their breasts bold and attractive because of the sizes. Hence, they undergoes various medical procedures and surgeries to make their breasts attractive. But the one fact is neither a surgery nor any medical procedures can actually help you in increasing the size of your breasts. The only way one can actually lift their breasts naturally is by doing some easy exercises. These below mentioned exercises will not only helps in gaining shape to the breasts but also helps in the developing the overall appearance of you body.


Here Are Some Exercises For The Beautiful Women To Lift Their Breasts.


Lie down on the exercise mat upside down and with the help of your palm and your toes try raise your body in the air. The body should be in a linear position from head to toe. Then lower down your body until your breasts touch the ground. Repeat the procedure for 10-15 regularly.


Dumbbell Bench Press

Lie with your face up on bench and lift up both your arms straight with dumbbells in each your hand. Make sure you choose the correct weight of dumbbells which you can withstand. Too much heavy weight can cause a negative effect. Then lower the dumbbells until they are close to the sides of your chest. Repeat the same for 10-15 regularly to have an effective effect on your breasts.


T- Planks

Set your body in a position like you do when doing pushups. With dumbbells on both your hands of a correct weight and legs wide open for proper support open up your body in the left direction by making a “T” – shape. Return to the original position and the repeat the same towards the right direction. Carry on the workout for 10-15 times daily.


Pecs’s Pushups

Lie down straight and by pressing your spine try to pull your abs tightly. Take the correct weight of dumbbells in both your hands. The weight of the dumbbells must range from 5-8 pounds. Raise your arms straight up in the air with your palm facing inwards. Try to take a deep breath and lower the weight down. Repeat the procedure for 10-15 times regularly.


Shoulder Press

Stand up straight by having your legs apart and take the dumbbells weighing of about 5-10 pounds in both the hands and raise it up to the shoulder level. Make sure your arms must face inwards and the weight of the dumbbells where you strap your bra. Then lift your hands straight up in the air and lower them back to the original position. Repeat the exercise for 15-20 times on a daily basis.

Shoulder Press

One must also follow certain guidelines while carrying out the workouts. They are- don’t stress yourself too much while doing your work outs as this might imply a negative feedback on your health. Use the correct weight but a suitable weight of dumbbells to carry the workouts. Drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily. Try to avoid having spicy and oil food and eat as much of fruits and vegetables as possible. Work out daily either early in the morning or in the evening.