5 Best Ever Red Nail Paints From Oriflame For You

Red nail paints are favorite of almost every woman. They all prefer red nails for a party or night outs or candle light dinner with their favorite dress. And if you have a fair or very fair skin tone then it looks fabulous on your nails. But those who have a dark skin tone they also must not give up as some of the shades of red are also looks good on your nails too.

Oriflame which is a renowned international cosmetics brand has a huge collection of Red nail polish of different price range. Oriflame red nail polishes are came with excellent shine and gives you a long lasting coverage. So, why are you waiting for? Try all these red nail paints from Oriflame and look gorgeous.

Here Are The 5 Best Ever Red Nail Paints From Oriflame For You:

1. The ONE Long Wear London Red

Oriflame brings amazing red nail paint for you which came under The ONE Long Wear range of this brand. As the name suggests this nail polish stays on your nail for long time. London Red shade is perfectly ok for all skin tones. This nail polish is available in a 5ml container in a very affordable price.

The ONE Long Wear London Red

2. Pure Color Classic Red Mini

The Pure Color range of Oriflame now brings mini nail polish for you which has a bright red nail paint named Classic Red for you. Classic Red is suitable for every skin tone and gives your nails a perfect looks. Oriflame Pure Color Classic Red mini nail paint is available with a very reasonable price for you in a 6ml size.

Pure Color Classic Red mini

3. More By Demi Hollywood Red

This nail paint came with the name of the Hollywood actress Demi More who is the brand ambassador for this classic range of nail paints from Oriflame. Hollywood Red shade is a bold red shade that is suitable for those who have a very fair skin tone. This amazing nail paint has a superb shine and has an amazing long lasting formula. It is available in a very affordable price for you.

More by Demi Hollywood Red

4. Pure Color Red Classic

Oriflame has a great collection of nail paints under its Pure color range which has a glossy shine on it. Pick up Red Classic shade from this range to spice up your nails. This nail paint is suitable for those who have a fair skin tone, wearing with your favorite party dress and looks fabulous on your nails. This nail paint came with an attractive price in 8ml size.

Pure Color Red Classic

5. The ONE Long Wear Red Sky At Night

Try this superb red nail polish from Oriflame. This red shade is a fantastic red shade which is almost suitable for every skin tone. So try it today. This superb nail paint gives you gorgeous finish and when you wear it on your nails it just looks amazing.

The ONE Long Wear Red Sky at Night