5 Best Blotting Papers For Oily Skin

5 Best Blotting Papers For Oily Skin

Oily skin isn’t easy to manage. You can use oil free face wash and follow it up with an oil proof sunscreen and moisturizer. But the skin will still start producing oil after a specific time. If not removed, it will cause acne. But you cannot even afford to keep running to the restroom to use a face wash to remove excessive oil and sweat every now and then. This is why blotting papers are an ultimate rescue for women with oily skin. They can easily remove oil, sweat, sebum, whiteheads and blackheads from the face instantly. We have listed our top 5 hand picked blotting papers that might just help you in managing your skin better.

1. NYX Matte Blotting Paper

This is the best rated blotting paper that gets rid of oil without drying the skin. It is available in different colours. Each pack contains 50 papers. They are also dermatologically recommended. They are super hydrating and nourishing. The best of all their features is, they remove extra oil and ugly glare from the t-zone and forehead without smudging or fading the makeup. They do not dry the face and they also reduce the chances of acne breakout.

2. Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Tissues

These are extremely hygienic blotting tissues that are loaded with the goodness of bamboo charcoal. Charcoal easily absorbs extra oil, sweat and dirt in a single swipe. They remove just extra oil. Thus, they are non drying. They also contain linen fiber. Linen fiber sponges the skin and hydrates it. Thus, your skin stays oil free and fresh throughout the day. They also unclog the pores by removing sebum and dust. Thus, they also prevent acne from recurring. Each pack has total 100 blotting sheets. Thus, it is a value for money product.

3. Clean And Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Clean and Clear is already a reputed brand for women having oily skin. These blotting tissues by clean and Clear work on instant absorbing basis. Which means, they remove oil and sweat within a single swipe, as soon as you rub them against your face. They are basically an all day option, since a single sheet can control oil formation around the t-zone for about 3 hours. They also remove sweat. They can also unclog the skin pores with constant use. Thus, they are an ideal option to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads gradually.

4. Oriflame Love Nature Cleansing Wipes

These amazing blotting papers by oriflame are loaded with the goodness of natural tea tree extracts. Tea tree pulp and leaves are best known for their acne combating properties. Thus, these blotting wipes easily remove oil and sebum. They also reduce the chances of bacterial infection that is the main reason behind acne breakouts. They gently exfoliate the oily skin and fade acne spots and scars too. The texture of the skin improves and it flaunts a healthy glow throughout the day. You can also use them as night wipes to reduce sebum formation, since the skin produces maximum oil during the night time.

5. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

This blotting paper is multipurpose. It not just removes oil from the face, it also removes dirt, sweat and oil from the lips. Thus, it reduces lip cracks alongside removing unnatural glare from the t-zone, cheeks, chin and forehead. It also cleanses the pores and reduces the chances of acne because it contains green tea that is an antioxidant. They also clean oil without smudging the makeup.

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

You can flaunt an oil free healthy skin that glows by using any of the blotting papers listed above. The best feature of all these papers is, they are highly affordable.