5 Beauty And Makeup Tips For Forehead Wrinkles


Wrinkles are small folds on the skin that occur with increasing age. Forehead wrinkles are very common in women. It makes the skin and face look unattractive with skin folds appearing and spoiling the beauty. Doing makeup with wrinkles can pose a major challenge for attending parties and social functions. It is possible to hide the wrinkles with makeup and make the face look beautiful. We will give some beauty and makeup tips for forehead wrinkles. Use our tips and makeup suggestions to make the forehead wrinkles disappear and hidden so that the face looks beautiful.

Following Are The 5 Beauty And Makeup Tips For Forehead Wrinkles:

1. Use Olive Oil, Coconut Oil

Use olive oil to fight the problem of wrinkles. Apply warm oil on the forehead with a massaging movement. Give upward strokes on the skin with your fingers while doing the massage. Do this before sleeping at night. You can do this remedy with coconut oil also.


2. Use Light Reflecting Primer

Use a suitable primer below the foundation you use. For this, you can use a light reflecting primer that helps in hiding wrinkles and lines on the forehead. Buy a tinted primer and apply it before using the foundation on the face.


3. Do Facial Massage With Citrus Fruit Pulp

Citrus fruits contain important vitamins that help in plumping the wrinkles when used externally on the skin. For this, take pulp of orange fruit and apply it on the face with a rubbing movement. Do a gentle rubbing on the face. Leave the fruit on the face. Wash the face after fifteen minutes. You can also do this remedy with lemon pulp.


4. Use Creams With Peptides And Retinols

Use products that help in plumping the wrinkles on your forehead. For this, you can choose creams and moisturizers that contain special ingredients like peptides and retinols. Such ingredients help in making the forehead skin plump by increasing the production of collagen. It will help in hiding the wrinkles and filling in the creases of wrinkles.


5. Set The Makeup With Powder

Set the makeup with the help of powder. Only take care to use very less amount of powder. Use light reflecting powder for hiding the wrinkles. Take the powder on the brush, tap it and apply on the skin above the foundation. For this, you should use a big sized makeup brush. Do not use powder for excessively dry skin.