5 Auspicious Ladybug Tattoo Designs For Women


Animal world provides great ideas for tattoo making. Animal tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. Insect world also provides great tattoo designs that follow different kind of insects. Though insects are not likable creatures to mankind always but there are some insects which are admired by people for the symbolic meaning these produce. A ladybug is one of such insects that has several interesting tattoo designs particularly popular among fashion conscious women.

Meaning Of A Ladybug Tattoo

A ladybug is a kind of beetle that belongs to Coccinellidae family. This family of bug or beetle has several types of little ladybugs. The most interesting feature of this kind of beetle is that most of ladybugs feed upon smaller pests that eat or damage plants and crops. This very quality has made ladybug a kind of benevolent or auspicious insect which is loved by mankind. Religions like Christianity relates ladybug to Virgin Mary. Moreover in China or other Asian cultures this beetle is associated with good luck and love. A ladybug also is quite good looking. For these reasons women particularly love to wear ladybug tattoos in the body. Generally a ladybug tattoo symbolizes protection, beauty, love, good fortune and sometimes bonhomie.

Places In The Body Where A Ladybug Tattoo Is Done

A ladybug tattoo can be done almost anywhere in the body, mostly back, neck, shoulder, arms, hands, fingers, behind the ear, feet, side of the body and lower abdomen.

Here Are 5 Auspicious Ladybug Tattoo Designs For Women

3D Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Excellent single ladybug designs are available in 3D in the tattoo market. A ladybug is a tiny insect. Therefore a wearer must decide the size or place of the tattoo. 2D designs are also available.


Ladybugs Or More Than One Ladybug Tattoos

Sometimes some women prefer a series of ladybugs or ladybugs tattoo in the body. Such designs show two or three tiny ladybug insects moving in a line.


Ladybug With Flower Tattoo Designs

Women who love both gorgeous looking flower and a ladybug can go for this design. Plenty of attractive tattoo designs have a ladybug sitting  on a beautiful flower.


Ladybug On A Leaf Tattoos

Instead of a flower there are some excellent looking tattoos that have a ladybug  sitting on a green leaf in 3D. Ladybug has very close and positive relation with plants and vegetation. This tattoo stands for that.


Cartoon Ladybug Tattoo Designs

For women who like wit and humor there are some interesting tattoo designs which have cartoon type ladybug insect with bulging eyes. A particularly funny design show a cartoon ladybug riding a cartoon tortoise.


So you want to have a ladybug tattoo in the body. Kindly go through the list given here.