5 Attractive DIY Succulent Jewelry

Why wear only glitter metals to adorn you on a special event when you have beautiful green plants for the same? Yes you read it right, botanical jewelry are gaining popularity nowadays and they are a simple way to show your eco-consciousness and love for nature. Here are a few live succulent jewelry ideas. Try one of these for a special event next time and get ready to receive compliments.

Below Are The DIY Succulent Jewelry Ideas:

1. Earrings

Pick the succulent of choice and dab some floral glue at the base of the earring posts. Place the succulent over the glue and press it down so that it sticks to the earring posts and dries up faster. Position the succulent upside down for quick drying of the glue.


2. Ring

Though making a live ring is a bit difficult, it will be an amazing accessory to wear. Wrap up the wire around a ring mandrel of the desired size. Enfold wire of the desired thickness and cut it. Use a small piece of wire to hold all the wires wrapped in place. Now your ring is ready. The next step is to affix the succulents to the ring. Glue on a variety of succulents to make the ring more interesting and exciting.


3. Necklace

Cut a cardboard to the desired shape and size to make the neckpiece. Attach the cut cardboard to a ribbon so that it can be tied around the neck. With the help of a floral adhesive, fasten the succulents of choice, flowers and other decorating elements on the cardboard. Fill up the gaps using moss and pearls and let it dry. Now your beautiful live necklace is ready to be worn.


4. Wrist Cuff

Take a strip of ribbon and cut to the required size so that it can be tied around the wrist. Choose a variety of beautiful succulents and start gluing them down on the ribbon using floral gum. Affix the succulents to the ribbon in the planned design and fill the empty space using succulent beads. Allow the glue to dry and tie it around your wrist to make a pretty ornament.


5. Wire Wrapped Pendant

Wrap floral aluminum wire roughly around your fingers to fashion the desired quirky shape good enough to rest the air plant within. Loop the wire closer as you wrap the wire around your finger tips. Remove it once done and drag the wire through the back to make a small loop, which will help you hang a simple cord that can be used for tying it around the neck. Put the air plant into the coiled wire and hang it around your neck.