5 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Massage

Massaging oil on the body is one of the old beauty techniques. This technique is being used from the times immemorial. In older days when there was no such bubbling cosmetic market, oil massage was regarded as one of the main beauty tips to keep your skin soft, smooth and youthful. But nowadays, this oil massage has become little bit unpopular. The main reason behind it is the shortage of time. However, if you can spare a little time just for yourselves twice or thrice a week, you will be able to get the various benefits of oil massage. This article will make you acquainted with various benefits of oil massage.

Below Are The 5 Amazing Benefits Of Oil Massage:

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Regular oil massage enhances the blood circulation on different cells. Hemoglobin carries oxygen and thus adequate oxygen riches different blood cells. Ample supply of oxygen makes your cells healthy and active. So massage your body with oil at least every alternate day to keep it healthy and active.

Improves Blood Circulation

2. Improves Flexibility Of The Skin

Regular oil massage contributes to improving the flexibility of the muscle. As we grow older the flexibility of muscle and body starts to decrease. Regular oil massage may help you in this situation by stretching muscle and improving the function of different organ and muscles.

Improves Flexibility Of The Skin

3. Tones Your Body

Regular oil massage helps to tone your body and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Thus, it keeps wrinkles and other aging signs at bay. For this purpose almond oil, olive oil or sesame oil is the best as they are an excellent source of vitamin E and vitamin E helps to enhance the quality of the skin.

Tones Your Body

4. Supplies Nutrition To Your Body

Regular oil massages supply a great nutrition to your skin. If you have dull and rough skin, massage oils like coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil on your skin daily to supply your skin a good amount of minerals and vitamins.

Supplies Nutrition To Your Body

5. Removes Dead Skin

Regular oil massage serves to remove dead skin from the outer layer of the skin and your skin becomes able to breathe properly. So, oil massage here helps in exfoliation. Massage of oil accompanied with some citrus fruit juice also helps to remove tan and blemishes from the skin.

Removes Dead Skin

Practice oil massage at a regular basis and get the ultimate benefit.