4 Ways To Drape A White Sari

Drape A White Sari A woman looks extremely elegant, charming and most beautiful and attractive when she wears a sari. And a WHITE one would definitely make one look no less than an angel. It is the colour which signifies purity and is worn by brides to make their wedding look nicer. It is the colour of celebration and joy! It is an eternal fashion statement signifying calmness. A white one is the most elegant one and wears it anyway, it will suit you and you would look flattering and admirable.

Different Ways to Drape a White Sari

Simple Pleated

Look sexy and hot like never before. Flaunt your thin toned body and flirt around. Drape in one of the most stylish and fashionable manner and look gorgeous. Pick a good white sari with a bit of work may be from the store and follow simple draping method.

Simple Pleated

A well worn sari should ideally have 5-6 pleats. Let it be free and it should be slightly long in order to show off your sari patterns. The first pleat you make should be the longest.

Take the left part simply up and rest them on your shoulder, throwing the material back. You can also fix it with a broach. Look different and young!

Nivi Style

It is a popular style of draping a sari which adds to the beauty of any lady. You can pick a white sari of silk material to use this draping style.

It says to create several long pleats hanging from the waist in front. It falls in such a manner that it sweeps when you walk. It wraps around the waist, goes up and across the chest and makes you look flattering like never before!

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Go Sexy

You can also drape a sari in a much sexier, a new way and not in a much hassle manner. You can also drape your white beautiful sari on your leggings or a liana fit denims in place of a petticoat and go for tube tops or spaghetti ones in place of a blouse.

Go Sexy

More importantly you can go for fabrics like silk, crepe or georgette in such case as they fall really nicely and have a natural sheen. Look sexier and brighter this season.

Bengali Style

BENGALI STYLE! Aha! It is the most glamorous style and would increase your charm. You can drape your white sari in this style and look fabulous. It is often seen in WEST BENGAL state of INDIA.

It has less pleating and the women wear it on perfect occasions like on the most famous festival DURGA PUJA! Probably a light cotton sari would do regarding this style. It is wrapped around the waist, 2-3 times pleated and swept over the chest and shoulder.

It is brought to the back then and wrapped around the shoulder once again. You can go for plain white sari or a traditional one with borders of bright color, say red or green. Look glamorous like never before!

Wear it traditional or modern, sari looks extremely elegant and pretty on any lady and would pull all eyes around you. Flirt around and attract people with your beautiful looks. Show off your style. Be comfortable and look new!