4 Effective Natural Treatments To Remove Unsightly Moles On Face

The mole on Marilyn Monroe’s cheek was her oomph factor but not everyone is lucky like the late actress in this case. Most of the people hate their facial warts and want to get rid of them despite of the fact that they’re considered ‘precursor of better future’ in many religions. Made by high concentration of Melanin, these dark blemishes can appear at any part of the body. There are many reasons which trigger melanin concentration in human body; and one of the most common reasons is direct exposure to sunlight.

Most of the times moles come paired with a slightly raised texture making an unattractive and painful appearance. Hence, it is taken as a good choice to get these unwanted marks on facial skin removed. Cosmetology suggests a complete treatment session for removal of ugly moles from face but if you want to try natural remedies to get  mole and wart free face, some of the most effective herbal wart removal processes are mentioned in the article.

Home Removal Remedies For Unsightly Moles

1. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

Tea tree essential oil is considered one of the most important ingredients in beauty enhancer medicine segment. Beneficial in treatment of numerous beauty-related issues, this oil work wonder in removal of unpleasant facial moles as well. Its antibiotic properties quickly work to lighten dark moles of non-malignant nature which are not embedded in skin. Use of tea tree oil for mole removal is a painless process which effectively works without leaving any scar on your face. To get best results you need to apply this oil several times a day on the pigmented area.

2. Castor Oil Remedy

Castor oil remedy for mole removal is one of the commonest ways to get rid of unsightly facial blemishes. This method is in practice since ages. To use castor oil for removal of melanin concentration from your face, you need to apply it on the affected area for two consecutive weeks. After two weeks, you won’t even remember where the mole was on your face. To spread oil perfectly on the darkened area you can use a cotton ball.

3. Garlic For Mole Removal

A favorite in natural cure segment, garlic has many medicinal properties. It is an effective cure for mole removal too. Due to high sulfuric content, garlic is considered an immediate treatment to be freed from ugly moles on your face. Garlic can be applied in paste form on affected area. You can use a cotton ball or swab to spread the paste equivalently. Nonetheless, garlic is a great treatment to deconcentrate melanin on your face but you must take some precautions before you use it. As an instance, it is suggested to apply petroleum wax on unaffected surroundings of mole before application of garlic paste; it will prevent your skin from getting burned. Natural treatment experts advise to keep garlic treated mole bandaged and repeat the process in every four hours.

4. Sour Apple And Freshly Cut Pineapple

Sour apple and freshly cut pineapple are also considered as great remedy to remove unwanted pigmentation from skin. Due to high acidic nature, these fruits magically affect melanin pigmentation and lighten the dark area. Apple and pineapple can be directly rubbed on moles. Do it many times a day and witness the impact.


However, most of the moles are harmless but if you find any of your moles suspicious, consult dermatologists before hooking on to natural remedies.