4 Killers Of Love In Couple Relationships

4 Killers Of Love In Couple Relationships The real life seems much devoid of love today and the rising number of divorces is an indicator for this. The ‘Hollywood romance’, which comes soon in relationships, is likely to also go away sooner than it came. And a perfect beginning may essentially not mark the start of a good relationship. Love is integral to binding two people together in a relationship.

Love in relationship is the outcome of several mutual elements – faith, understanding and confidence being important constituents. While the initial years are important in a couple’s relationship, love has to be maintained throughout the conjugal journey which a couple treads together.

There are some important indicators of lack of love in a relationship. If you identify one, consider it a signal to work on the relationship before it becomes irreparable.

How to Keep Love Alive in a Relationship

Disillusionment and Fault Finding

Bliss and pleasure can be observed generously during the initial years of a relationship. The excitement of sharing life with someone else can drive you to take everything enthusiastically.

4 Killers Of Love In Couple Relationships

With time, some ideas may give your imagination an entirely different dimension. You start wondering your partner has some ‘fault’ or is being ‘selfish’. Sometimes, there may be sexual insecurity for no obvious reason.

Fault-finding reduces love and affection between couples. If you focus on faultfinding, you may not know what you say or do (which is likely to be unacceptable by your partner).

Strained relationship can lose love easily. It can make room for criticism, which in no time, can turn into resentment. Straight talk between partners can clarify disillusionment and reduce fault finding.

Disinterest and Dissociation

When sharing the same roof does not seem an interesting idea, or you are living in the same house but not sharing ideas and events with each other, dissociation is indicative.

Preferring isolation over spending time together can take a toll by killing the love between both of you. Even if one of you dissociates, it can wipe out the love.

You may not be fighting but a loss of interest in each other’s lives can close the gateway to love.  If you are mourning someone’s loss and want solitude to get over the grief, convey this to your partner to eliminate the scope for misunderstanding.

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Changing Focus

Changing focus too often too soon in a relationship can be detrimental to the love your partner has for you. While it can be absolutely normal to switch focus from the past to future, remember that your partner may not adapt to your pace (just like you considering he/she is a different entity).

4 Killers Of Love In Couple Relationships

Individuals have their own mindset and taking extraordinary steps may upset the love equation, create room for confusion and mistrust.

Behavioral Departures

You are an individual and it is natural that your opinions, tastes, habits and preferences are different from those of your partner. Having decided to share life wants you to reveal a basic level of compatibility and attunement.

If you (even try to) behave smarter than your partner, you are risking your love for the sake of your ego. No matter how intelligent you are, relationship is not the right place to showcase it.

If you are too intelligent to be handled by your partner, love can be possibly the last thing your relationship could count on. If any of you are encountering a behavioral problem, discuss the matter mutually. Involve someone trustworthy to get a comprehensive insight into resolving the problem.