4 Homemade Face Masks

Face Masks

Looking beautiful is not a crime. Taking care of your skin on regular basis is the first step to look beautiful with a wonderful glowing skin. The vast range of beauty products are available just for this purpose. But did you know homemade face maskscould work as efficiently as these products. There is nothing better than using ingredients from the kitchen and turning them into magical face masks. Read the following article and learn how to create your own face masks.

Homemade Face Masks

Face Mask From Cucumber

Cucumber Face Mask

The most common and simplest of all face masks, cucumber is best used during summer season when the skin starts to look dull and dehydrated. All you have to do is grate cucumber and apply on your face. Also cut two slices and place on each eye.

The cooling effect that it provides has many benefits such as it is perfect for sensitive skin with no side-effects. It not only hydrates your skin, but also helps in getting rid of rashes, sun burn or skin irritation. You can apply cucumber face mask anytime of the day. For best results, apply daily.

Face Mask From Chocolate

Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolate, as tempting as it may sound, is also great for the skin. Did you know chocolate has anti-oxidants that are much needed for the skin to repair and start to glow? Best for dull complexions, chocolate mask are very easy to make. Melt any chocolate bar, let it cool and then apply over your face. You can also massage for a little while and leave it for about 20 minutes. It softens skin, helps to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. You would find many spas offering chocolate wrap massages. It is a great way to pamper your skin as well as treat yourself with some.

Face Masks From Fruits

Fruit Face Mask

Fresh fruits are not only good for the overall health but also for the skin. Apart from eating drinking fresh fruit and juices, one must also make fruits face masks at home.

The extracts of fruits have no side effects and safe to be applied on the skin. It acts as a skin exfoliating agent, skin cleanser and skin toner. Take any fruit such as papaya, pomegranate, apple or beet.

They all have some properties that help the skin to look fresh and flawless. You can also mix two fruits or more, mash them well, and apply on the face for about 30 minutes. Wash after drying. Fruit masks are healthiest way of pampering your skin.

Face Masks With Collagen

Collagen Face Mask

Many cosmetic companies have launched different range of fruit masks containing collagen that helps to firm the skin and make it look young.

Read the ingredients before buying any such face masks from market. Unlike the home made face masks, you cannot use them every day.

The above mentioned homemade fruit masks are the best way to take care of your skin. A healthy diet and good skin care regime can help you attain flawless and wonderful skin in just no time.

4 Homemade Face Masks