4 Effective Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

4 Effective Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally An oval or round fluid filled sac inside the breast is commonly referred to as a breast cyst. Peri-menopausal women are more likely to develop breast cysts than younger women. The best way to detect breast cyst is to do a self examination in front of a mirror. A simple self examination can help women detect single or cluster of cysts on their breasts. A typical breast cyst will feel like a soft grape i.e. it will be squishy to the touch.

However, some breast cysts especially those which develop deep inside the breast tissue, may be firm to the touch. Most breast cysts are benign except in very rare cases where a breast cyst becomes malignant.

Breast cysts which can be painful to the touch generally disappear after menopause. However, if breast cysts persist even after a woman attains menopause, hormone therapy is recommended.

How to Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

There are higher chances of developing breast cysts during the phase between ovulation and menstruation. Breast cysts can develop due to variety of reasons.

Researchers believe that a sudden surge in estrogen levels is the most likely reason for the formation of breast cysts. There are numerous natural ways to avoid breast cysts. Some natural techniques to avoid breast cyst have been discussed in this article.

Avoid Caffeine

Excessive consumption of coffee and other caffeinated drinks can substantially increase a woman’s chances of developing painful breast cysts. Limit your coffee consumption to one or two cups of decaffeinated coffee.

4 Effective Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

But drinking numerous cups of strong coffee every single day can put a woman in the high risk category for developing breast cysts. It is also wise to limit your intake of chocolates and tea.

You should also refrain from becoming addicted to diet pills. Regulate your consumption of OTC painkillers. Taking too many over the counter pain medications may lead to the formation of breast cysts.

Eat Healthy

Junk food especially fried food is extremely addictive. It is alright to treat yourself to the odd burger or packet of French fries. But if your diet comprises primarily of junk food or high fat food you have a greater possibility of developing painful breast cysts.

Ensure that your daily diet comprises of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits (particularly fruits which have a higher concentration of vitamin C), whole grains and lentils. A high fiber, low fat diet can successfully keep breast cysts at bay by lowering blood estrogen levels.

Try and avoid dairy products as well. Most dairy products are loaded with artificial hormones which can prove harmful for your health. To get your daily dose of calcium take a calcium supplement instead.

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Take Your Vitamins

One of the most powerful natural ways to avoid breast cysts is to eat a diet that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Eat foods which are rich in vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin A.

4 Effective Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

Take a high grade multivitamin tablet to boost your general health as well. Certain natural essential oils like flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil is also known to keep breast cysts at bay.

Massage your Breasts

Massaging your breasts regularly is another natural way to combat the formation of painful breast cysts. Ensure that you massage your breasts for at least five minutes after having your bath.

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