3 Ways To Make A Rose Water Toner At Home

3 Ways To Make A Rose Water Toner At Home

Rose water toner is very beneficial for a healthy skin and is commonly used by woman for enhancing her beauty. But, the branded rose water toner that are available in the market are not totally pure and safe to skin because some manufacturers may involve use of chemical while making it.

Rose water toner is highly advantageous for oily skin and acne prone skin. It also gives protection to your skin from hazardous impact of sun burn and skin irritation. Rose water toner is not so much difficult to prepare and you can easily prepare it at your home all types of skin including dry and mature type of skin too.

Tips To Make Rose Water Toner For Different Purposes

You can easily prepare rose water toner at your home by just using 4 cups of purified water, 2 cups of fresh rose petals and 1 cup of pure alcohol. To make it, you’ll first need to place all ingredients in a big jar followed by closing it and leaving it for over a week in a place where sunlight can directly fall on it.

You’ll require to stir the contents of the jar in every two days. Now, after a week, strain the content of the jar and storing the rose water in a cool place like refrigerator. When the rose water toner gets cooled, it becomes suitable for use and you can freely apply it on your dry skin. The sensitivity of alcohol used in this toner will give you relief from skin burning sensation but if it is increasing your irritation then prefer a toner prepared without alcohol

Dry  Skin Rose Water :-

If your skin toner is dry and mature then this rose water toner will not give instant result in offering you skin benefits. For such type of skin, you ‘ll need to prepare different type of toner which can be made by using 10 ml of vodka, 4 drops of geranium and rose essential oil, 250 ml of rose water and 25 ml of witch hazel.

Dry  skin rose water

Firstly, pour the vodka in a glass bottle followed by adding remaining ingredients and mixing them well. Your lotion is ready to offer you skin benefits but it is recommended to shake entire bottle each time before use so that they always gets well mixed on use.

 Eyes Rose Water :-

If dark circle is present under your eyes then there is no need to worry anymore now .as you can also make rose water toner to get rid of such sign of fatigue easily.

Eyes rose water

You only need to take some fresh rose petals and adding few drops of rose water on it followed by placing those rose petals on each eyes and relaxing for 15-20 minutes.You’ll start obtaining positive result in removing dark circles within a week after its regular application twice a day.

 Multipurpose Rose Water:-

To prepare this rose water toner , 50 ml of Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 drops of rose essential oil, 350 ml of rose water and 25 grams of dried rose petals.

Multipurpose rose water

In this toner recipe, you’ll need to first mix all ingredients in a glass bottle and allow the mixture to keep it in a cool place for 3 weeks. Now, strain the bottle contents in a sterilized bottle after completion of 3 weeks and then you can feel apply your own rose water toner on your skin.