3 Anti Frizz Hair Serums That You Can Prepare At Home

3 Anti-frizz Hair Serums

If you have long hair then frizz may be a common problem. Most of us are used to the expensive hair serums that are readily available in the market. We all will have to accept to the simple fact that along with money, we are also losing our hair, due to the usage of anti-frizz hair serums that are available in the market. These serums contain lot of chemicals and hence, they don’t do any good to the hair, in the long run. You should try some home remedies and try to prepare hair serum yourself rather than continuing to spoil your hair.

3 Anti-frizz Hair Serums That You Can Prepare At Home:

Coconut Oil And Aloe Vera Gel

Coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel


Simplest hair serum would be by mixing Aloe Vera gel along with coconut oil. You can apply this solution directly on your hair, an hour before taking bath. After taking bath, you can apply feel drops so that you can get rid of the hair flyaway due to excess dryness. If you are missing the pleasant smell of the readily available hair serum then you can add few drops of essential oil to this solution.

Aloe Vera Gel, Almond Oil And Sea Salt

Aloe Vera gel, Almond oil and sea salt

You can mix Aloe Vera gel in water and stir it, till you receive a clear solution. Similarly, you should stir sea salt separately in water. Now, you have two solutions with you. Mix both the solutions and add few drops of almond oil to this solution. This solution can be applied to hair and also to the scalp. If you have dandruff problem then adding few drops of lemon juice will be helpful. You can spray this solution on your hair to ensure that it is free from frizzing, all day.

Avocado And Olive Oil

Avocado and olive oil

Avocado and olive oil put together can do wonders to your hair. Smash Avocado and make a paste. Mix the paste with olive oil and now, apply this mask to your hair alone. Leave this mask for 1 hour, before you rinse your hair. If you think that the smell is discomforting then you can add vanilla essence to it.These serums are safe to use. They will help your hair to stay frizz free and at the same time, you will also notice that your tresses are getting stronger.