2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

Trendy Shoes For Women Ranging from celebrities to fashion conscious divas, everybody wants to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion in shoes. It is like a war where everyone is trying to beat the other’s look by adorning something chic, trendy and unique.So, if you are in a similar spree, knowing about the latest in shoe fashion for the year 2012 is an absolute must for spending the entire year in a stylish way.

Stylish Shoes For Women


With the rave of heels, women are now going crazy with flats. These comfortable and fashionably acclaimed shoes are definitely “IN” this season.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

You can adorn flat shoes with almost any kinds of attires ranging from dresses, jeans, hot pants or even with leggings. Today, flat shoes are available in a wide range of colors and designs and which can be matched and teamed up with proper outfits to get the right style.

Gladiator Sandals And Heels

Are you looking for something chic and edgy for your year ahead? Then dress up your legs in gladiator sandals or heels. These multi strapped above ankle length shoes are simply rolling havoc in the shoe market in 2012.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

Adopted from the medieval gladiator style shoes, these shoes are really protective and comfortable. You will find these strappy shoes in various colors and designs with embellishments to match with your outfit.

Pair them up with your short dresses or pants for a casual shopping spree or just for hanging around with friends.


These sexy shoes will probably never go out of fashion and they are dominating the shoe market this year as well. Trendy stilettos have always remained the killer shoe as far as fashion is concerned.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

And no matter what enters the market, nothing can beat stiletto heels in respect of looks, glamor and trend. These extremely pointed shoes look very sexy and daring when paired with dresses or with jeans.

Mojari Shoes

These casual and trendy shoes are comfortable as well as very stylish. These will allow you to enjoy your 2012 summer in the coolest ways.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

Mojari shoes are handcrafted shoes which are often embellished with beads and mirrors and are decorated with threaded designs. These shoes can be paired with traditional Indian outfits, floor-length hippy skirts and inflated leggings.

Loafer Shoes

b shows which look like men’s shoes. The wide-mouthed shoes are normally flat and are available in a variety of comfortable materials like leather and suede.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

These shoes can be paired with both formal as well as casual outfits and they are also available in a wide range of subtle and vibrant colors which can be matched with different kinds of outfits.

Peep Toe Shoes

This particular shoe is rocking the feet of numerous celebrities in 2012. Peep toe shoes are sexy and very bold and are also far more comfortable than normal pumps and stilettos. Your nails will be able to get some relief while you will be hitting the streets showing off your edgy up market fashion.

2012 Trendy Shoes For Women

And the biggest advantage of wearing these shoes is that you will be able to find a new style each time you scroll through the range of peep toe shoes. So, pair them up with your tight skirts, pants, shorts or sweet dresses to create a sultry or sweet look.