13 Effective Morning Exercises For Weight Loss

Morning Exercises For Weight Loss

Working out in the early morning is known to burn more calories when compared to the sessions in the other time. Getting up early in the morning and practicing exercises will not only keep you fit, but will also give you energy, to be active throughout the day. A person who practices a regular morning routine exercise will eventually become cooler as it significantly improves your mood. Apart from that, this routine will also help in reducing the blood pressure levels and can even prevent people relapsing to depression.

Shedding sweat on an empty stomach will help the body in removing toxins effectively and thereby keeping the body healthy and fat-free. It also refreshes the body cells and keeps you going the entire day. Furthermore, exercising soon after you wake up will increase the body’s core temperature and hence will make the body to keep burning fat till the end of the day. Last but not least, any activity that you start doing in the A.M. time will train your mind to be consistent until you achieve your goal. So, with all that, let us look at the simple exercises to include as part of your weight loss routine.

1. Sun Salutation

A single round of the sun salutation includes 2 sets of 12 yoga poses that are beneficial in giving cardio vascular workout for the entire body. The sun salutation begins with the prayer pose followed by the raised arms pose, hand to foot pose, equestrian pose, stick pose, salute with eight parts, cobra pose, downward facing dog pose, and then performing equestrian pose to the prayer pose in reverse. So, follow it is good to do this exercise for 30 minutes a day to lose your weight soon.

Sun Salutation

2. Hollow Body Hold

Hollow body hold is the basic pose of all other ab workout exercises. To begin this exercise, place a mat on the floor and lie with your back. Try keeping your abs and butt tight. Extend your legs straight with pointed toes and keep your hands to the sides of the body. Now stay with your lower back still in contact with the floor and slowly try lifting the straightened legs off the floor. Simultaneously you must raise the shoulder at the same time. Remember to keep your legs closer so that you will have more benefits.

Hollow Body Hold

3. One-Legged Glute Bridge

In this exercise you target the gluteal muscles in the buttocks region. Also, it will work out on your hamstrings and back too. To do this exercise, first lay on the floor with your back. Keep your feet on the floor such that they are equal to the width of your shoulder, and bend your knees. With the knees bent, slowly lift one of leg in the same angle and extend it straight. Now slowly lift your butts and your hips off the ground by gently pressing the right heel. Here, you must use the glute muscles to engage. With your legs straightened bring your pelvis down to the floor. Repeat the same with the other leg also. When doing these lifts, make sure that the hips stay straight. If done properly, you will be able to feel the fire on the glute muscles.

One-Legged Glute Bridge

4. Double Leg Lift

The double leg lift is also known as the lower lift and is effective in targeting the upper and lower abdominals thereby contributing to weight loss. As usual begin by placing a mat on the floor, lie down with your back on the mat. Place your arms to the sides of your body. Slowly, try to lift your legs to the top such that it faces the ceiling.
Engage your core to do the exercise and keep your heels together. Breathe in and when you breathe out, pull your legs down to the floor while your back is still on the mat. The lower you bring your legs the tougher it becomes to lift it up again but that is the good method to practice this exercise.

Double Leg Lift

5. Squats

Squats help in reducing the fat stored in your thighs and buttocks region. It gives a lot of work to your abs muscles and help in core strengthening. To do squats, simply stand on your feet such that they are a bit more than the width of your hip region. Place your arms in front of your body, come to a position by lowering the body to the most possible height to the floor. You must be in a position such that your thigh part is parallel to the ground whereas your knees are bent. Hold in this position for a while and then slowly return back to the normal position. Repeat this for maximum number of times.


6. Side Lunge

Side lunges are known to help in toning the glutes, quads, and hamstrings and hence known as a complete lower body workout. One of the key points to be noted while performing this exercise is to make sure not to put your body weight on your knees and instead focus to put it on your hip. It is essential to keep your glute muscles engaged and keep your back straight to achieve better results. To begin, stand straight on a plain floor or on a mat with your feet such that they are equally spread upto the width of your hip. With any one of your straight push your hip to the other side so as to bend the other knee. While doing this, bring your palm to the chest. Use the other leg and shift your weight to the opposite side as you come back to standing position. Repeat the process in the opposite side too.

Side Lunge


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7. Stretching Inchworm

This is one of the warm-up exercises that help in activating the core muscles. Begin by standing straight on the floor. With your legs straight, bend only your upper body and touch the floor with the help your fingers. Slowly stretch out your arms to the front to look similar to a push up position. Make sure the entire body is straight and you face up to the ceiling. Remain in this position for a second and then come back to the normal position by slowly walking back with your hands, engage your abs to lift your hip. Repeat it in sets without taking break.

Stretching Inchworm

8. Two Knee Twist

This exercise apart from helping in weight loss, also focusses on lowering the back pain. The muscles groups that it focusses includes the upper and lower abdominals, and obliques. To begin, place a mat on the floor and lie down with your legs straight. Stretch your arms to the sides of the body to touch the floor. Start bending your knees until it comes in front of the chest. Exhale and bring your bent knees to the side without lifting your hands and without making the knees touch the ground. Now, bring back the knees to the chest and twist it to the other side. Repeat this several times.

Two Knee Twist

9. Cat Camel Stretch

This is another warm up exercise and it helps making the spine flexible. To begin, place a mat on the floor. Come to a position similar to kneeling down with your knees and both the hands near the shoulder. Keep your abs tight and bend your back to face up the ceiling. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Now bend your head down, and let your lower back come to a curved position. Hold in this position for a while and then come back to the normal position. Repeat it for 4 to 5 times or until you feel comfortable.

Cat Camel Stretch

10. Balancing Table Pose

This particular exercise is practiced to help your body strengthen the abdomen and lower back along with helping in weight loss. Begin by placing a mat on the floor and come to a table position where your knees are bend and below the hips, your hands below your shoulders. With this position, stretch your right leg back. Slowly inhale and lift your left leg above the floor with your toes facing the back wall. Inhale and pull your navel towards the spine but without curving your back. Next inhale again and gently extend the left arm in such a way that they are parallel to the ground. Hold in this position for a while and then slowly exhale and come back to the normal position.

11. Bicep Curls

This is a basic weight lifting exercise and can be used to target the biceps and to build muscle strength as the name suggests. It can be done in a sitting position. So begin by sitting straight in such a way that your feet is rested firm on the ground. Keep your arms to the side and face forward. Take a dumbbell or any weight of your choice and try to hold it tight in your palm. With that, bring your hands forward and bend your elbow so that you bring the weight upward until it reaches near your shoulder. Your body should be curled with your biceps contracted. Try to hold this position for a minute after lifting the weight. Gently lower the weight down to the normal position. Repeat in several steps and shift the arms in between the reps.

Bicep Curls

12. Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunches helps in working on the obliques and to strengthen the core. Begin by placing a mat on the floor and lie with your back on the floor. Interlock the fingers of both hands and bring it behind your head. Now lift your right leg by bending your knee till it reaches the chest. Slowly turn the upper part of your body to your left side in such a way that you move your rib cage and touch the left knee with the help of your right elbow. As you perform this movement, ensure that your left leg is straight and does not touch the floor. Now, repeat the same with the opposite leg and elbow. Do continuously up to 20 reps.

Bicycle Crunches

13. Boat Pose

This particular exercise is helpful in toning the muscles of the arm and leg. Along with strengthening the abdomen and the back. As the name suggests, it requires achieving a pose similar to a standing boat. As always, begin by placing a mat on the floor and lying with your back on the ground. Keep your feet together and place your arms to the sides of your body. Extend your arms to reach the feet. Make sure to extend it straight. Slowly lift your chest from the ground. Engage your abdominal muscles and continue to inhale and exhale by holding your breath for 5 breaths. Hold for a while and slowly come back to the normal position. Repeat this for up to 5 times.

Boat Pose

Apart from these exercises, walking swimming, and other such activities also help in reducing your weight. Follow the exercises mentioned above and lose weight in a healthy way combined with a balanced diet.